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Numeric input and the terrain tool bug

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Very exited about the new update! Clearly fixing bugs and making work easier for us is a priority.

However, the trouble with numeric input is a big issue (for me. Anyone else?).

Setting a guide or doing a slight orbit makes you loose contact with numeric inputs, and having no shortcut to get back in, I have to move the mouse away from what I'm handling and click in the numeric input-field, and then reestablish what I was doing, and then type.

This is happening all the time. Many times during every day. Its very hard to defend.

Hitting the tab key would be my shortcut of choice. It has no current effect in the middle of a drawing operation.


Its good that, in result buffer, you get access to numeric input. Feels like FormZ knows what I'm doing, and is ready for numeric input.

It would be great if the same would happen when I invoke "Show controls" and start dragging them, the Parameters tap in tool options would be activated, and numeric input would be active. Like in result buffer.


Also a reminder that the terrain tool grouping of contours at same hight, and Set new contours interval heights, still produces wrong landscapes. Raising all contours can be a looong workaround.



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yes, it would be a very good idea to make numeric input accessible by using the tab-key!!!


in vectorworks they are using this key, and the input is very reliable. you can even store the values seperately (by entering a number and then hitting the enter-key) and still adjust the others... stored values can be released again by hitting esc or changed by entering new values in the respective field.

then, if all the values are correct, you finish the operation by hitting return-key or left mouse button. done!


its very simple, intuitive and very precise to use numeric input in vw.

if i´m not clear enough, please try to have a look there!


formZ is such a great software, would be good to have the input more easy!!!






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As a workaround, you can type first any number (like #1) in the keyboard to activate the X field, and then the tab key the times as needed to select the input field again.





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Regarding Contour tool, whatever value I input, for example 120mm, the resulting contours are at 5mm resulting in 400 objects! The dialog box keeps reverting to 5mm after every operation.

Setting by increment is not accurate enough for my purpose, please help as I'm part way through a big project.


Thank in advance



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And there I was following convention by hitting enter/return!


Thanks so much for that.


Now I have your attention can I pose another Question:

I am new to Formz and finding it a reasonably steep learning curve.

The objects are for a large art installation at the Auckland City Art Gallery taking up 50cubic meters. I'm planning on making the internal framing from plywood following the methodology in the tutorial:




I have a number forms I have 3D scanned and imported as  into Formz which have holes in the models where they were were supported for scanning. I have attempted filling via, Stitch, Object doctor, removing points, etc to no avail. What does work is somewhat laborious which is:

Select path of edge of hole, Copy, Paste, Triangulate, Derive face and then Stitch.


Here are links to the files as I'm not sure how else to add files to the thread:





My website: www.gyro.co.nz


By the way how do I add image/files?


Any help would be much appreciated.







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Hi Andrew, 

Try using the Object Doctor and set the Max # Of Edges to something larger than the number of edges of the hole.  We used 40, but for future reference, it might be a good habit (depending on the object, of course) to start with a small number and gradually increase by 10 so you don’t accidentally “fix” something that doesn’t need to be fixed.  

Also, be aware of the option selected in the “Action” section of the Object Doctor Tool Options.  Add to selection will simply Pick the offending problems, Fix if Possible will automatically fix them for you.

Does that help?

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