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Export to STEP-file problem

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When I try to export my FMZ-file to a STEP-file I get no results. The file which I am trying to export is small, my model includes only some composite curves. Exporting the file doesn't result in any result whatsoever. IGES conversion works though but, I do need STEP. I have tried several times with a different export parameter settings but, without any result. Maybe I need to change some settings in the STEP options menu but I have no clue. I hope that someone is familiar with this issue and has a solution for it. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Hi Kartelrand,


Welcome to the forum!


We are not sure why you would have this problem.  What version of formZ are you using on which operating system?


If you draw a cube and a sphere and export that, can you import this back into formZ properly?


If this is working but another file is not, can you please send the "problem file" to us so we can take a look?


You might also want to try using the Object Doctor on the objects to see if there are any issues that may be preventing their proper export...

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