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formZ v7 / 8 Migration Guide (Interface Improvements from formZ 6)


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This tech note is intended for users of formZ 7 and later who are familiar with previous versions. The information below summarizes the major changes so you can get up to speed quickly: 


FormZ version 7 (and now v8) is a major improvement over previous versions that has been in the works for a few years. It contains a redesigned interface that typically takes a day or two for most users to become familiar. If you spend this time judiciously studying the changes, you should be able to quickly get back to speed -- and soon thereafter most users are reporting that not only is modeling more fun, but that they can be twice as productive.  

If you are on a tight deadline, continue using what you know, but when you have a moment, study up on formZ 7 and you will soon enjoy its benefits. Don't jump straight into a project and trying to figure it out as you go. Dedicating some time first will not only be "much more rewarding" -- you will most likely be able to complete the training AND finish your first project in less time than if you went straight to work on the project without understanding the changes.  

The formZ 7 Migration Guide contains a brief summary of the major changes between formZ 6 and 7. To get up to speed as quickly as possible, you should start by reading through this document quickly. This document contains lots of valuable information, so you should probably read through it more than once. (And thanks to Bernd, we also have this available in German…):


formZ 7 Migration Guide2.zip




We even have a video version with tips to quickly get up to speed with formZ 7. This covers some similar information to what is included in the above PDF file, but it is not identical, so for best results, we would recommend reviewing both. You can find a link to this 30 minute video here: 


You can find the Tutorial Videos from formZ's Help Menu, or from the link below: 


While you are watching the videos or going through the Migration Guide, if you pause -- and do what you just saw (or read) in the program, that can ensure that you understand what you read -- and make it easier to remember in the future when you need this information. The link above also includes Webinar Replays, which are ~30 minute presentations that can help with a more process oriented approach to getting up to speed with formZ 7. 

In formZ 7 you can right click on any tool and choose Manual, Video, or Set Keyboard Shortcut to have direct access to the tools, their documentation, and easily make shortcuts to work faster. Holding the Shift key while selecting any menu will open the manual, or Ctrl-Alt (Win) or Cmd-Opt (Mac) will bring up the key shortcuts. 

There is also a heads up display that you can access by tapping the space bar -- and once this is visible, if you press the first letter of any tool, all the tools with that name will appear. Clicking on the desired tool will not only make it active, but it will also highlight the tool in the modeling tool bar, in case you are having trouble locating a tool as you get started. 


We have also released a Tips and Tricks page that contains lots of useful information that you can find here:



Once you have spent some time reviewing this information, please let us know if you have any further questions. Feel free to email directly to support@formz.com, we would be glad to help.

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