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Importing from Tekla, DWG

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I have been sent a 3D DWG file created in Tekla. It imports ok but all the steel sections on it are badly formed as can be seen in this screenshot. Is this a fault of the import settings or the export settings in Tekla or has anyone any idea how it can be rectified?



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That looks funky. Try playing with the import settings, such as parametric or facetted. I usually skip point objects and text objects. Try with constructing 3d solids and without. It could be what ever settings Tekla is using as well, I never used it, but look to see if the steel sections need to be converted to standard solids before exporting, they might be some form of Tekla parametrics or something.

Otherwise I usually have no problems importing or exporting DWGs in FormZ.

Are there any other export formats in Tekla such as SAT or STEP etc. that you could test with?



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could be also a precision problem due to a very large offset in the coordinate system. maybe check where the origin is. if it is way off 0,0,0, then correct this with import settings and issues will go away. also check if maybe scale is an issue, for same reason.

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