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Nice to see this updated forum. First impressions very good.

Please don't forget the request for a running checklist of issues fixed / unfixed / on hold / being worked on / not being worked on, etc so we can keep track on a feature, or an issue's progress without messing up this nice fresh forum by it gradually accumulating lots of repetitive requests which pop up every few weeks and months. Could we add a vote of request or even sometimes providing a humble release of frustration [not necessarily as space thirsty as a whole comment]. An 'open to members' online form might suffice if the new forum software supports it.

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Would it be possible to add some categories to the forum, like you have done for Tutorials, so we could have areas for user models, textures etc?


It would be nice to have a gallery areas, challenges area etc to help us newbies get a bit of help / inspiration and not be overwhelmed by the un-categorised list of new posts. I have been going through the posts and there is some good info hidden away due to the age of the post (page 15 etc.), that I am sure I wouldn't have found otherwise unless it was in a relevant home.



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