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Form Z Free for Win XP ?


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Hi Zorgloub,


Please note that it is not necessary to post your question more than once.  Here is a copy of our answer to your other posting:


Unfortunately Windows XP lacks the current technology that formZ Free requires.  You will need to upgrade to Windows 7 (or OS X 10.7.5) or newer to be able to run it.


Please also make sure that you have a video card (and driver) that properly supports OpenGL v3.2 (or later) as this is required as well.




Regarding formZ v7, that is still available to people who have previously purchased formZ v7, or have purchased formZ v8 and need it for some reason.  If you have purchased a license, please contact support@formz.com and include your serial number so we can help.  If you have not purchased yet, but would like to, please include special notes with your purchase for formZ 8 that you are running XP and thus would like to receive a copy of formZ v7 as well.

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