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modify imported STLs?

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if i import an STL, can I add geometry to it? Can I cut into the STL geometry?


Im getting wonky behavior when I add geometry to an STL. I can select STL surfaces, I can add a big cube to it, but when I want to do more, it seems that I lose the ability to elect surfaces, or if I can, drawing simple boxes gets all jittery and unable to make what I want.


I have a file with an imported STL and a cube on it. i am unable to cut the STL geometry. I am also unable to draw sketches on the vertical sides of the cube, or if I can get a rectangle on there, its not the rectangle im trying to draw.


I can't upload file. Its 2.7Mb

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Dear Hirscr,


Yes, in general  you should be able to modify / manipulate STL files that you Import.


Please email your file to support@formz.com so we can take a look.

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Thanks for sending your file.  Unfortunately this geometry has quite a few problems, which you can see by clicking on it with the Object Doctor tool:

The Object Doctor can fix a lot of these problems, but you will need to do sophisticated surgery to fully fix the geometry.  (How to do this is beyond the scope of the forum or typical technical support, but could potentially be covered in a custom training session.)  Many times, it may actually be easier just to rebuild the bad part to create proper geometry.
Where did this geometry come from?
With regarding to "problems drawing in the file" -- perhaps this is because you have a 50' Grid Snap enabled?
Hope this helps...

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