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Found 2 results

  1. We are pleased to announce that the formZ 8.5.7 update is now available for pro, jr, free and student editions. Select Check for Update from the form•Z Help Menu automatically update your v8.5 software. If you have any issues with the automatic updates you can install the latest version using the link from your license email. Note: If you have installed any of the 8.5.7 WIP versions, please delete the WIP application folder and update your 8.5.6 (or earlier) installation. Please contact us at support@formz.com or start a new forum thread if you have any feedback or issues. Enjoy! Highlights of improvements in this version include (but are not limited to): Modeling: ◦ Sub-d Objects now support face colors. ◦ Copy/paste now perseveres layer groups. ◦ DAE import improved. ◦ Opening and saving files to DropBox locations with long path names no longer crashes. ◦ Layer groups are maintained with copy/paste operations. ◦ DWG/DXF/DWF plugin updated (OpenDWG 4.2.2) ◦ Stream Line tool icon now shows properly. ◦ Billboard tool now displays properly when changing image files. ◦ Define Arbitrary Reference plane tool now works properly in Wireframe. ◦ Edge Color Layer override now works with the Material Average option. ◦ Show/Hide edges Layer override and Render as Shaded Surface now work as expected. ◦ Hide ghosted rendering options now work for dimensions and notes. ◦ Redo of Draft Angle operation now works after an undo. ◦ High facet count subdivision objects now work properly on Windows. ◦ The derive face tool now works properly on faces of subdivision objects. ◦ Hide ghosted rendering options now work for dimensions and notes. ◦ Various stability and performance improvements Layout: ◦ Improved display efficiency of files with a lot of dimensions/notes/leaders. ◦ Improved efficiency of updating frame data from modeling. ◦ Resizing frames no longer leads to crashes in certain files. ◦ Printing no longer drops lines from frames. ◦ Layers now transfer in the order they appear in modeling. ◦ Layer groups now transfer from modeling. ◦ The frame parameters now has a larger list for selecting layers. ◦ Frame dialog has been adjusted to list layers in order of modeling and the layer list has been expanded and a button added to view the layer the list. ◦ Export defaults to polylines (higher order levels now disabled). ◦ The line tool now appears in the tool palette. ◦ Hide ghosted rendering options now work for dimensions and notes. ◦ Line tool icon now shows properly. ◦ Various stability and performance improvements. OS X Specific: ◦ Palette positions are properly maintained on OS X systems with a second screen positioned above the main screen. ◦ The Favorite tools window now works properly on all screens on OS X (not just the main screen).
  2. CamiloDiez

    formZ Update Wish list

    Hello everyone, As a new advocate of the awesomeness that is Form Z 3D, I wanted to make this thread as a means for the end user to approach the development team directly (or as directly as possible). Because formZ 3D is not an open source software, I think is good practice to have a topic dedicated to those little or Big things users want to see in future releases, so the focus of development is based with the actual user base in mind. This is by no means a thread to complaint about missing features or lack of functionality, but rather an opportunity to expand on the possibilites and usage of the software. So, here goes my wish list: CORE: 1. Brick wall Tool: While there are ways to create brick wall structures by the means of patterns and projection mapping, a tool for creating parametric brick walls and enabling control of its layout before commiting to one design (much like the stair and roof tools) would be a superb addition to the specialties toolbox. By allowing the creation of parametric objects, one could easily expand on the regular "rectangular" brick pattern, and experiment with more complex structures, by adding randomness and offsetting the rotation and scale of the pattern, on the fly. Here's a video by RayFire Studios showing off the power and flexibility of a brick-type fragmentation tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOMvits0V74#t=41 2. Expanded Fragmentation options and types: The implementation of Voronoi and Delaunay partitions is great, and it'd be nice to see expanded options for fragmentation using those diagrams. For instance, Voronoi by geometry to use the vertices of another object as a point cloud, or irregular or radial diagrams, and the ability to generate clusters for more complex fragmentations, as well as other fragmentation types, such as ProBoolean, would be really great additions. An example of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_2qKQpxCRw USER INTERFACE: 1. Interface Display Color: This is definitely nitpicking, but a way to adjust the tint of the interface to make it darker would be very welcome. What do you think? are these viable, usable suggestions?