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Found 4 results

  1. Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that the first open beta version of Thea for FormZ is now available! For those not familiar with Thea Render, it is a physically-based render engine being developed for over 5 years with very high quality unbiased render modes as well as GPU rendering. Our integrated render engine brings the power of Thea inside FormZ package, supporting FormZ 8 and 8.5, Pro, Junior and Free versions on Windows and MacOSX. It supports instancing, material presets, various light types, shadow catcher and many other features, in both production and interactive render modes. You can find more info and download the integration at our dedicated landing page. The integration runs in demo mode with all the features of the licensed one (except for the resolution limitation and watermarks). You can also take advantage of the open beta phase and buy the plugin bundled with Thea Studio, with 20% discount. To get started with the plugin, please check out our introductory tutorial below. Kind Regards
  2. Dear friends, we are very happy to announce that our integration for FormZ is about to come out! Everyone is welcome to try Thea Render and take advantage of high quality rendering right inside FormZ! What is Thea Render? Thea Render is a photorealistic render engine with multiple rendering modes; one can start the top high quality rendering using its "unbiased" rendering mode (TR1/TR2) or - for those with proper hardware - create high quality renders with its CPU+GPU rendering mode (Presto). High quality is always there, in all modes. Thea Render is a physically-based spectral renderer with a very special material system and layering, which is the one that gives the absolute realism in the renders. It comes with a standalone product (Thea Studio) along with the integrated plugin. The integration is a plugin that runs right inside FormZ, i.e. the engine does not run as another process. In the past months, we have worked hard to integrate Thea on FormZ and we believe that the renderer can be used already efficiently for production rendering. This is why we are publishing Thea for FormZ - in a status of open beta - where we would really love to hear the feedback from the whole community (and plan further features accordingly). Thea for FormZ first beta will be available soon as a public download link. It can be used to try the software, all features of the commercial version are present (actually, the two versions are the same thing) but the software runs in demo mode (resolution limit 1280x720 and watermarks). Last but not least, we would like to thank everyone involved and in particular our very energetic beta testers as well as the relentless support of AutoDesSys. Best wishes
  3. Dear friends, a small introduction first: Thea Render is an advanced high-quality rendering engine that we have created with a lot of love. We are putting a lot of effort, each and every each day into it. You can browse our site www.thearender.com for more info (such as engine description and supported features) and you can certainly contact us for detailed info on any topics of your concern. The FormZ integration on the other hand is something that we always had in mind as an important integration, given the orientation of FormZ and the users. And we have finally, some good news about it. The FormZ integration is - since some months - under intensive development. We have reached a good point now and feedback from FormZ users would be very welcome. We are looking for ~3 beta testers with as much experience as possible in FormZ design and, if possible, with experience in rendering as well. If you are interested in testing the integration, please send an email to formz@thearender.com with the subject "Beta Testing". If you have available, please include a couple designs of yours, made in FormZ. Don't forget to include your system specs as well; we are interested in a variance of hardware and are going to cover both Windows and OSX. In anyway, we would like to thank you for your support and - also - the periodic "encouragement" from the FormZ community for making this happen. It is not complete yet but it is coming! Best wishes
  4. Hi friends of FormZ, i can't believe but it looks like TheaRender is developing a FormZ plugin. They are allready looking for Beta Testers - see Link below. Greetings Walter https://thearender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=18066