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Found 3 results

  1. sjj

    Texture mapping

    Hi All, Is it just me or is texture mapping a long winded process in Formz? The fact that you have to select a face, then select the Texture edit tool, then only be allowed to manipulate it in one transform say scale in y when i click I lose the controller then have to do the whole process again to do a rotation etc? Is this how Formz does it or am i missing something or bug issues on the tutorials this doesn't seem to happen? Any help much appreciated FormZ v8.6.2 OSX 10.13.4 Imac 2010
  2. I am not able to get 'brick texture' correct in full shaded mode, it is missing 1 layer of bricks. The result is an incorrect texture in the final rendering in Maxwell. This is not happening in Renderzone rendering. How can I solve the problem? see attachments.
  3. CADulator

    Can't load new texture

    I have Windows 7 and FormZ Pro v8.0.2 (latest release). I copied one of the formZ .jpg textures from my "formZ Textures" folder to a new location. It's 256 x 256 pixels. I also created a new material in my own library, copied from one in "formZ Materials". I modified the new texture color with a graphics program, but then I couldn't apply it to my new material. I'm using Material Properties / Color / Texture / "Click to load new texture". A dialog box appears with a default autodessys bitmap. I click Load... and specify my modified texture .jpg, but it won't take. I still see the autodessys logo, and that's what gets applied to my material if I continue. I tried reducing my modified texture to 128 x 128 pixels like the autodessys logo, but that didn't work. When I try to select my modified texture file, some text looks like it's crowding in behind the File Info frame in the dialog box: Am I doing something wrong in my new texture procedure here? Any workarounds? Thanks for any help, Gerrit