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Found 2 results

  1. rodlord

    editing lines

    After a long gap doing other stuff have today had to return to using FormZ 7.3.4 on Mountain Lion. Have discovered all over again the nightmare of finding that using it is simply not as obvious and instinctive as the earlier versions I was familiar with for so many years. I am hoping that someone can advise me on the problem I am trying to deal with at the moment. I am creating surface profile shapes (roads, verges, residential plots, etc, etc) from an ordnance survey map and am using bezier spline tool to do it. All was going well until I had to cut a shape as a hole in the most complex shape. For a while I didn't realize anything had changed until I tried to access the control points again. Of course they are no longer available as FormZ has now converted the line to a plain object. So as I am in a tearing hurry as usual I thought "ok - no problem, I'll just switch on SHOW POINTS and do a quick hack on the bits I need to edit. Wishful thinking ! SHOW POINTS no longer seems to do that - it is showing me about 10 points seemingly at random out of what must be hundreds or thousands of points ! So it appears I am now only able to edit the very few points I a being shown and have no way of editing the remainder of the profile short of literally HACKING bits off with another line or STITCHING bits onto it. This to me seems absolutely extraordinary compared with the very flexible and useful way I was once able to do this kind of stuff. I am hoping that somebody will be able to tell me that I've just missed some absolutely crucial voodoo and just need to do the right chant. Help please ? ! Many thanks - Rod
  2. Hi, In layer attributes, I would like to set Render As Shaded Surface to (No) but it's not active..I set Override Edge Display to (Always On).