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Found 1 result

  1. Bo Atkinson

    stripe rendering

    Suggestions for highly controlled stripes, in Shaded Mode(s): 1] Quickly varied adjustment of stripes, (in real time)... Currently, it sometimes seems necessary to switch over to the Map Texr tool, to get updates, which involves multiple clicks, (to see current results). This interferes with user concentration on structural design elements. This is also important when displaying two objects, side by side, of differing sizes, while maintaining nearly equal stripe sizes. 2] Moderate the resolution output for all settings. Currently, the resolution becomes jaggy (old stair case style), when the stripe angle is changed. (Unlike the Manual images). 3] Simplified curvilinear-editing of stripes to adjust for nonlinear objects. (Have an edit control map in palette, to distort 2d map?). 4] Include more Manual information covering each and every control in the Stripes Options (and perhaps include a list of "do not use these combinations of settings")... Currently, some of these settings do not seem to affect the display results. Rational for my suggestion: For clearly interactive discovery based modeling, of reinforcement in composites and, or laminated structure. Shaded Display allows the designer to discover more perfect construction details, (instead of having to contour each object) The Alumi_Spandrel_01 seems to currently offer the plainest, basic stripes, which do have good variability, except that the resolution becomes jaggy (old stair case style), when the stripe angle is changed. RE: Figure 2.2.38 @ http://www.formz.com/manuals/renderzonerendering/!SSL!/WebHelp/2_2_3_wrapped_procedural.html