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Found 5 results

  1. cphfmz

    Bug with STEP files

    When I want to import an object as a .step-file (to copy into another window) FormZ often crashed when I close it - the file with the object originally imported as .step.
  2. Recombatant

    STEP file import

    Hi, Just a quick question. Where did .STEP file import go? It's not in my list of filetypes when importing anymore? Thanks, Craig
  3. I am not certain if the source of the files I am receiving from my vendor in China is ProE or SolidWorks. I do know I am unable to open these files at all. My coworker can open them in solid works just fine. FormZ hangs every time be it IGS or STP. Is there a file format I can request from my vendor? Are there a combination of settings I can ask my vendor to save the files under that will ensure I can open these files? HELP! —Jorge 40ct_Sidewalk_Chalk_Paint_Blister_Mold_Top.stp.zip 40ct_Sidewalk_Chalk_Paint_Blister_Mold_Top.IGS.zip
  4. hi there using form z pro 8.5 i'm trying to generate a smooth STEP or SAT file for industrial milling. however -- even if i just export a simple smooth sphere -- i cannot seem to get the "Parametric" option activated, in neither the STEP nor SAT export options. does anyone have a clue or an idea? thanks, best -christian
  5. Martin Malinski

    Beta 6 import STEP & igs fail.

    Tried to import two STEP files from grabcad. The 1st link also has an igs file https://grabcad.com/library/jaguar-e-type--1 https://grabcad.com/library/e-type-1 The IGS file gives an unknown error ID = 3 Both STEP files give the message with no file import. ''Smooth Modeling Error Problem/Cause : success'' Models chosen randomly... by different authors. On pc with win7 Martin