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Found 2 results

  1. Hi - I'm using FormZ 7.3.4 on Mountain Lion. Can anyone please tell me how I can turn off the really annoying feature of the interface that is constantly doing rollover highlighting ? I frequently find that it can be confusing as to whether an object is actually selected or just being rolled over or assuming that it is just a rollover and finding that it is actually an unwanted part of a selection. While I'm on the subject of selection can anyone tell me how I can stop the selection being lost simply by changing to a different window of a 4-screen view ? Also on selection issues - when changing the nudge value it is impossible to use it until the selection is deselected and then re-selected again. Even just opening the nudge dialogue to check the current value will prevent it being applied to any selection until it is deselected and re-selected again. I am so familiar with this stuff that it is not actually crucial but the illogical behaviour is driving me potty ! Hope someone can improve my chances of staying sane please !! Cheers Rod
  2. Hello, I need to split buildings into separate floors and slabs. The buildings are solids and/or surfaces and all have same material applied. The slabs are solids, of a different material. After the split, using the S-split tool they change to the buildings' material with the exception of the top and bottom faces. I need to have the slabs(floors) a different material but it's too time consuming to select them individually and change colors. Anybody has any idea how to do this effectively? Thanks, Horia