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Found 3 results

  1. Armin Stroß-Radschinski

    Curvature continuous rounding in FormZ

    My use case is a prominent smoothed out edge rounding with a large 75mm radius at the edges of a table. I can manage to meet my needs wit a sequence of manual operations, but that is not the point here! As far as remember there was maybe a way to create Class-A curvature continuous rounding in older versions of FormZ (I use it really for a long time starting with 3.x or so). I am not sure if this was integrated in stitch rounding (makes more sense for Nurbs) or simple and controlled rounding. The purpose for me is actually to smoothen out the join of the radius shape and planar surfaces to avoid the usual visible ugly "frontier" when the surface goes from planar to a constant bending. I the real world this is mostly smoothed out by professional modelmakers. In a complex CADCAM workflow it is not the best idea to do this manually both CAD and after milling. I searched the FormZ docs, forums (old too) and the web but did not find any hints related to FormZ, maybe looking for the wrong term. Class A Rounding Curvature continuous rounding G2 Rounding I found the facetting schemas in the FormZ docs and rounding tools, but this seems it only affect visualisation. When playing with the options and exporting the rounded shapes as DXF and check in other software, I get just a plain stupid radius. Maybe I need to stop to "play". Any hints? You find some content on "Curvature continuous rounding" in the context of SolidWorks, Catia and Alias, but the findings are rare.
  2. The Q

    rounding mapped box

    I have a rectangle, with joined selected faces, subsequently mapping images on each face. When I try to round the corners I get an error message (ID=SM11). What is the work around for this construction? Appreciate your help. Thanks.
  3. kmwhitt

    Rounding & Export

    I jumped into FZ8.5 coming from 6.5 this weekend and things have changed quite a bit. I do all of my modeling in FormZ and export to C4D for render. The tools in FZ now seemed to be much more geared towards smooth modeling/nurbz/subd modeling as many of the features I used in the past for facetted/polygonal modeling have disappeared - such as being able to specifying number of points to use during rounding operations. Anyway, I am running into a more immediate problem - see image attached. The rounding facets are not lining up with the sides which is making a big smoothing mess in Cinema4D. How do I avoid this problem when rounding and at export? It is not usable to me in this state. I would appreciate someone getting me up to speed in this matter. Thanks, Kevin.