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Found 2 results

  1. David Lemelin

    managing file formats

    Hi there, I've been modeling in FormZ for a few years and rendering in Maxwell (will someone PLEASE tell the people in charge that RenderZone is an embarrassment in 2017....) The lack of a high quality and speedy rendering engine seriously handicaps FormZ's amazing modeling tools. Consequently, I've added Maxwell, which thanks to its plugin is easy to use, if bloody slow. To try to work my way around Maxwell's limits I've added Rhino for Mac, MODO 901 and Octane Render to my stable. That said, I'm still having trouble exporting my FormZ geometry into these other packages. I've spent a fair amount of time testing different export options and have had to fall back on my tried and tested FormZ / Maxwell pairing. But in terms of speed, the time I would save if I could sort out these export issues! Does anyone have experience with this type of workflow? I would be very interested in learning about other's successes and the tricks they've learned and the limitations they've come up against. Thanks!
  2. I received some fmz file here. But I am not a Form-Z user. And I don't have Form-Z in my office. Can anyone help me export these files into any format that I can import in Rhino or Sketchup? Like a 3dm file or a 3D cad file? Thanks My email: hailongl@asu.edu