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Found 4 results

  1. jldaureil

    environment background

    Hello everyone I work with Formz 6.7.3 and I noticed a problem with a map hdri used as environment light, environment and background. The problem is a deformation at the join (spherical mapping) (on the + x axis by default of set limits) visible when rendering the background. I thought it came from the formz version So I tested the same thing with formz 8 But the result is the same. See the attached image The image comes from the following site which is really great: https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/ Do you reproduce the problem? Do you have any idea where this may come from? Did I make a setting error somewhere? Can you tell me the address of an image for which the problem does not arise? This is the manual page that corresponds to what I'm doing http://www.formz.com/manuals/renderzonerendering/!SSL!/WebHelp/formz7.php
  2. mid project, renderzone stopped working. I hit command K and the screen goes white (same with the render button in the pallet). Wire frame, shaded work display and shaded full display all work fine.
  3. For a project I use imager to render overnight. But I've run into a problem where Imager changes the materials on elements in the model - despite the fact that it is the same model that is being rendered through Imager with renderzone. Depending on the views I have - the materials on the surfaces changes. Attached view 2 shows the correct materials (rendered in formz with renderzone) and attached view 1 shows the wrong materials and maps! (rendered with Imager) It is not only these two views but all the views in my model that has started to act up!
  4. I am not able to get 'brick texture' correct in full shaded mode, it is missing 1 layer of bricks. The result is an incorrect texture in the final rendering in Maxwell. This is not happening in Renderzone rendering. How can I solve the problem? see attachments.