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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Z tech, This is my tiny palette (script). It allows me to reload underlay images by 1 click, and toggle on/off in formZ v6.6.2. But it does not work on v8.5.6. Please advice me to make it work fine on v8.5. palt_my_underlay_palette.zip Underlay_Settings.zip This one also does not work in v8.5 It allows me match scale of underlay images to actual size in project using length of drawn single line . Also it can be used for moving underlay images by drawn arrow (3 points vetorline). palt_my_underlay_palette.zip Underlay_Settings.zip
  2. Experimenting with different palettes left me with a bunch of unwanted ones. I have tried any thinkable way to remove them. But they always returns. (Open Tool Manager, ctrl-klick, Delete + [save Workspace] etc). They return like Phoenix. Is this a known problem? And if so, is there a way around that or maybe a correct method to get them deleted? (Also; I like all the palettes vertical, but if I create my own vertical (column) I get a name list to the right that takes up more width than the standard palettes. The result is a aesthetic mess if I try to incorporate my own with the standard set. Please let the 'bar' stay on top and blank in vertical mode, my 2¢).