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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody, I am a furniture designer from Switzerland, I design in Form.Z and render with Maxwel. I am looking for a Form.Z file which is optimally set up to make a perfect rendering of a piece of furniture. Would someone be willing to provide me with the ,perfect file,? I am happy to pay for it. That would be great!!! Cuno info@frommherz.ch
  2. Can anyone give me the info needed on the ins and outs of the system requirements for the Maxwell Plug In? I finally decided it may be easier to ask hear since It's been over a week I sent my questions to "Maxwell / Next Limit" and have yet to hear back from them, and the online research I've spent time on, hasn't exactly been presented in basic terminology. Here is where I'm at. I have upgraded my system software to Mac OS 10.11 per the system requirements. (for those who are still toggling back and forth from FZ 6 to FZ 8. FZ v6 does open and works in OS 10.11). Right now my source of confusion is with the graphics card. What it looks like to me, Maxwell 4 will only operate with an nVIDIA graphics card that is CUDA supported for GPU rendering. It also appears that Mac will not run a GPU card only a CPU card. Am I to understand that 1. Maxwell will only run on a GPU nVIDIA card. 2. Since Mac does not support GPU, Maxwell is unable to run on Macs? or am I missing a whole lot of information? In short. Will Maxwell run on my Radeon card on my Mac? Answers suggestions and consultations are greatly appreciated and accepted. (Preferably in layman's terms)
  3. I am not able to get 'brick texture' correct in full shaded mode, it is missing 1 layer of bricks. The result is an incorrect texture in the final rendering in Maxwell. This is not happening in Renderzone rendering. How can I solve the problem? see attachments.