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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Tech and folks. Would you please explain how possibly I can avoid this effect: I am trying to print my project containing some notes dimensions and text. Which is quite obvious task for drafting. Yet I can't achieve any reasonable quality by any way I am doing. If I use Text tool I always get outlined text whatever I would try to do. When I use Note tool, Annotation tool and Dimensions my fonts look perfect on the screen yet blurred on printed matter and PDF. The smaller font size I opt the worse my result. Whatever printing method I choose nothing changes. Any suggestions on how to fix it? My setup is: Windows 10 FormZ 8.6 Layout and modeler Adobe PDF Printer or Microsoft Print to PDF Geogia font for all attempts
  2. Phanos

    Drafting v. Layout

    In the past and up to v.6, one could use the drafting module in FormZ to draw just about anything in 2D with accuracy and ease. With Layout (and unless I am missing something), unfortunately this is not the case anymore. I understand that FormZ is not a drafting program. Nevertheless, I only hope that AutoDesSys will consider restoring (and even improving) some of the older drafting capabilities that allowed us to draw anything (from annotated site and floor plans to construction details) in real and not scaled measurements. Having said this, I believe that creating frames and sheets in Layout with 3D views being directly linked to models could be a great feature to consider.
  3. Hello!! Is it possible to have different hatch colors in layout? So far, the only way I´ve found to assign another color other than black is when I create a specific layer in layout just for hatches, select this layer in layout, change its color properties and resave the model in 3d. If I forget to select the specific hatch layer that I´ve created in layout, all hatches change their color to something else when re-saving the source 3d model (it seems a bug to me). Also, even after doing that procedure, all hatches in the whole document always remain with the same color, that one which is assigned on the specific hatch layer I have created. Anyone has a solution for this? Or at least a workaround? Thanks.
  4. In another topic I spoke about my findings with Title Blocks, but now I want to share my experience with Layout. It's a pity ADS is not able to make Layout a rock solid program, because I want to use it, actually we should use it in a professional work flow. As long as we can't relay on Layout, it's useless. Sorry... again... Here you can see (see attach) what the results are after Print to PDF, save image to PDF, save image as PNG I feel getting tired to see a wonderful 3D modeler and realize I can only produce images directly from the modeler or with Maxwell. This means in most occasions I have to export a DWG file, but without any smart export at all. Al entities are on 1 layer... etc... Actually there is no control in the work flow anymore, and it cost me huge amount of time to get my work done. It's not possible. I really want to be positive, but it's to difficult. In my opinion ADS should focus on make the suite (modeler+Layout) predictable BEFORE adding new features. At the moment I feel to capitulate and stop using the suite for serious work flow. Modeling OK, but that's all. Output is just to poor to take the suite serious for technical drawing. But I believe it has to work!! Hopefully it will change in the near future. Cheers
  5. Yes, I like the new Forum look. However, I was disappointed to see that, not only did the old threads not carry over but the archive has reduced the number of replies on this topic from 22 to 9! For those that missed it, the replies included extremely eloquent postings, particularly that from Bernd, as to why FormZ/Layout etc is inadequate for construction drawings and the problems associated with using dwg. There was considerable support for the use of Openclip as a means of being able to copy and paste from FormZ to Powercadd, or if it were to be implemented, also to Vectorworks. I also posted this from Alfred Scott, who wrote Openclip with help, I understand, from Autodessys! What is reasonable to ask for in FormZ is to Copy using OpenClip the same vector graphics that are presently exported as vector graphics in DWG. It has the advantage that you could just select a few objects to move between the programs, and it has the added advantage that splines, and other curves do not become polygons. That capability is built into OpenClip and has been from the beginning. The last post on the old forum was a plea for Openclip to be fully implemented in FormZ or to be given a reason why it should not be. It would be good to hear from AutodesSys on this.
  6. Exocubic

    Layout: Arc Length

    Can I dimension the length of an arc in Layout? I am making drawings for detailing some rolled pipe; I need to give the length of the pipe before rolling to a given radius. Easiest way for me to accomplish this is just to give the length of the centerline - which in this case is an arc.
  7. AHTOH

    Layout printing

    Another complain to layout. Printing is not working in proper way. I tried with two different printer drivers with no luck. Contents are not being visible. TV-Display module Draft.fml.zip
  8. Alan Cooper

    Layout frame parameters

    In the layout video by Matthew Holewinkski, 13minutes 40 seconds into the video, he demonstates clicking on a frame border to post access the frame parameters. The only time I can access the frame parameters is at the time the frame is first created. I do not get the yellow border which he shows but there are times I would like to be able to get to the frame parameters to make changes later rather than at the creation stage of the layout frame. Windows 7. FormZ 8.02 pro. build 9413 I am only starting to experiment with Layout but have not had success with dimensions being associative after a change to the model, the simplest of model examples. AlanFormZ8.zip
  9. hello, sorry, but i need some help to move content in a layout frame. i try to do it with the move tool, but when i do so, it moves only lines of the drawing, but not the content... thanks for your help, thorsten