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Found 11 results

  1. When exporting a vrscene from e.g. sketchup you have an export dialog where you can set the preview-detail-level. That is extremly useful when exporting objects with a lot of faces like trees or other foliage. I think the whole idea behind vrscene and vrproxy is to keep your main working file lean and the shaded view snappy. now with formz i could not find those export settings. When importing a tree the preview detail level is way to high, even in normal mode. bounding box is to low and makes it hard to place objects precisely. Does anyone know where to find the export settings or if formz will implement this in the future? To me this is a key function for arranging complex scenes in formz and would actually solve alot of other problems that are present at the moment with formz and vray.
  2. Recombatant

    STEP file import

    Hi, Just a quick question. Where did .STEP file import go? It's not in my list of filetypes when importing anymore? Thanks, Craig
  3. Hi, I downloaded a trial version of formZ Pro 8.5 recently. I tried to import AI file for building a floor plan. However it never worked. May I know why? Is it due to "Trial Version" which not support? Either any other issues? Please help. Many thanks, Alex
  4. I am not certain if the source of the files I am receiving from my vendor in China is ProE or SolidWorks. I do know I am unable to open these files at all. My coworker can open them in solid works just fine. FormZ hangs every time be it IGS or STP. Is there a file format I can request from my vendor? Are there a combination of settings I can ask my vendor to save the files under that will ensure I can open these files? HELP! —Jorge 40ct_Sidewalk_Chalk_Paint_Blister_Mold_Top.stp.zip 40ct_Sidewalk_Chalk_Paint_Blister_Mold_Top.IGS.zip
  5. Hi all, I received a DWG file that, when imported, doesn't fully render. Only the backside of the model shows up. It doesn't matter from what angle you view the model, most of the front portion becomes invisible. The wire mesh is visible and the object doctor doesn't show any issues. I've imported the file several different ways, but with always the same result. I'm working in 8.5.3, but 6.7 could only import a small portion of the file. Anyone have any clue what might be causing this? Due to the project associated with the file, I'm not able to upload the DWG file. I can upload the fmz file though, which has the trouble portion. There are also a couple screenshots showing the issue. Any advice is appreciated! anyone else come across something like this before? thanks, db DWG-Import.fmz.zip
  6. Rudy Daverveld

    Can't find the Step translator

    Hi All, Can't seem to import any .step files anymore in 8.5, is this correct? Or is there a separate plug in for now? Please let me know. Just received some files from a distant client in that format! Kind regards Rudy Daverveld Visual 8
  7. akcoates

    Importing STL files

    Hey there, I've been using 123D Design to create some 3D designs that will eventually need to be imported into formZ and printed for uni. I've saved the files in an STL format and have tried to import them into formZ but it will only import a very small part of the design - 1 curve out of the whole design. Not quite sure what to do as I read that importing STL files into formZ was no issue. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Martin Malinski

    Beta 6 import STEP & igs fail.

    Tried to import two STEP files from grabcad. The 1st link also has an igs file https://grabcad.com/library/jaguar-e-type--1 https://grabcad.com/library/e-type-1 The IGS file gives an unknown error ID = 3 Both STEP files give the message with no file import. ''Smooth Modeling Error Problem/Cause : success'' Models chosen randomly... by different authors. On pc with win7 Martin
  9. Hello, I want to know if its possible to import/convert an old file ( it was created around 1996 ) with the extension .fmz to the new formZ using plugins or something else. We tried to open it with the FormZ 8.0 but it didnt work at all : it says to open it with an older version Or should i go look for the old version of FormZ. If so, does someone has an old version of it ? Thanks alot
  10. I was having trouble importing Sketchup models - file would open but nothing would be there or only parts of models would be present once open - anyway, so I downloaded the new update today and am therefore using the newest version. However, when I go to my Extensions Manager everything is still running on 8.0.0 despite the fact that the 8.0.2 version is running. And I'm still having issues importing models...any suggestions?
  11. malcineurope

    Importing from Tekla, DWG

    I have been sent a 3D DWG file created in Tekla. It imports ok but all the steel sections on it are badly formed as can be seen in this screenshot. Is this a fault of the import settings or the export settings in Tekla or has anyone any idea how it can be rectified? example.tiff