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Found 4 results

  1. cearch

    Imager not working

    Hi, I know this was discussed last year but I'm wondering if anyone has found a solution yet? Imager is an essential part of my workflow - I normally leave a series of renders to complete overnight but now only the first render in the series works. Can anyone help? Thanks, Chris
  2. For a project I use imager to render overnight. But I've run into a problem where Imager changes the materials on elements in the model - despite the fact that it is the same model that is being rendered through Imager with renderzone. Depending on the views I have - the materials on the surfaces changes. Attached view 2 shows the correct materials (rendered in formz with renderzone) and attached view 1 shows the wrong materials and maps! (rendered with Imager) It is not only these two views but all the views in my model that has started to act up!
  3. Dear all Form-z experts. I've fairly recently started rendering using Form z and Renderzone. But I have a problem with my views when using imager. I've set up all my views that I would like to render and adjusted them - but when I import the project and render using Imager - the "camera view" moves so that it doesn't display the view that I have in my regular form z project. As I have 10 views I don't want to sit and render each one out individually in Form-z.
  4. In the imager I can't see the renderende options, or am I looking at the wrong place? Imager Form-Z Imager Pro 8.0.1 Can somebody help me? Kind Regards Rudy