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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone I am currently working on the conversion of some work processes that I use extensively on FZ 6.7.3 MANUAL LAYOUT 1- architectural modeling 2- image at a resolution and a scale specific to a paper output 3- composition in draft to add vector drawings (hidden line etc) and infos my problem : Scale image FZ673 Creating a specific size and resolution view via view parameters For example: 2280 px x 1536 px for an image 38.61 cm x 26.01 cm @ 150 dpi Scale display for example 1/75 (menu) Is it possible in Z8 to reproduce this kind of settings Especially how to adjust the zoom to fit a specific scale? The image produced is then used either as it is imported in the draft The second part of the problem lies in the layout I do not know yet if I will be able to put an image in the background (on a layer with display by order) and then add plots (for example a hidden line or other) I will come back thanks in advance example in attached file sorry for multi attachment DPC GIBRAT COUPE_1 5 JUIL 2018.pdf DPC GIBRAT COUPE_1 5 JUIL 2018.pdf DPC GIBRAT COUPE_1 5 JUIL 2018.zip
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