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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Once upon a time if I wanted to create a cylinder I would create a circle and then extrude it. In the process of drawing that original circle profile I was offered the option of deciding how many segments to give it ... the resolution. The profile then had points that could be clicked on and moved. These points then translated into facets when the extrusion was performed. This object also had points that could be found and manipulated. CAN I STILL CREATE A FACETED OBJECT in 7.3.4 ? Or am I forced to convert it after the event to an object with no apparent control over the resolution ? I have been trying to do this with global scheme settings and stuff but it does not behave consistently object to object and does not appear to offer specific control of each specific object. This kind of stuff used to be so quick and easy ... maybe it still is but I can't find out how and it is wasting ENORMOUS amounts of time. Please somebody tell me I'm doing it all wrong and all I have to do is so-and-so ! Many thanks in anticipation. Best wishes, Rod
  2. Good morning all- I'm working on creating a small light fixture to use in some renderings. 1) I have imported two Illustrator paths and revolved them. They look clean in Renderzone, but faceted in Thea. (I'm not that familiar with the settings in Thea yet...) How can I improve this? 2) I am getting what look like artifacts based on the geometry created during the revolution. The material applied is thin translucent. I'm not sure how best to represent this object/material. Also, I've created it simply as a solid - I'll be adjusting my cross-section / revolution so that it more closely represents the real-world thickness, but the artifacts are still something I need to get rid of. 3) Regarding the material itself, I'm looking for the "best" way to find/create/use what's essentialy like a translucent white acrylic light lens. 4) Ok, bonus question: can I create a glowing material in Thea without having it emit? I want it to glow, but need to use an .ies file to create the output. Thanks in advance!! Andrew