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Found 8 results

  1. Armin Stroß-Radschinski

    Curvature continuous rounding in FormZ

    My use case is a prominent smoothed out edge rounding with a large 75mm radius at the edges of a table. I can manage to meet my needs wit a sequence of manual operations, but that is not the point here! As far as remember there was maybe a way to create Class-A curvature continuous rounding in older versions of FormZ (I use it really for a long time starting with 3.x or so). I am not sure if this was integrated in stitch rounding (makes more sense for Nurbs) or simple and controlled rounding. The purpose for me is actually to smoothen out the join of the radius shape and planar surfaces to avoid the usual visible ugly "frontier" when the surface goes from planar to a constant bending. I the real world this is mostly smoothed out by professional modelmakers. In a complex CADCAM workflow it is not the best idea to do this manually both CAD and after milling. I searched the FormZ docs, forums (old too) and the web but did not find any hints related to FormZ, maybe looking for the wrong term. Class A Rounding Curvature continuous rounding G2 Rounding I found the facetting schemas in the FormZ docs and rounding tools, but this seems it only affect visualisation. When playing with the options and exporting the rounded shapes as DXF and check in other software, I get just a plain stupid radius. Maybe I need to stop to "play". Any hints? You find some content on "Curvature continuous rounding" in the context of SolidWorks, Catia and Alias, but the findings are rare.
  2. When exporting a vrscene from e.g. sketchup you have an export dialog where you can set the preview-detail-level. That is extremly useful when exporting objects with a lot of faces like trees or other foliage. I think the whole idea behind vrscene and vrproxy is to keep your main working file lean and the shaded view snappy. now with formz i could not find those export settings. When importing a tree the preview detail level is way to high, even in normal mode. bounding box is to low and makes it hard to place objects precisely. Does anyone know where to find the export settings or if formz will implement this in the future? To me this is a key function for arranging complex scenes in formz and would actually solve alot of other problems that are present at the moment with formz and vray.
  3. new here and new to Form Z I'm following the thirty minutes house tutorial on YouTube to get to know things need advise exporting dae to Blender right now, no matter what I try, I get only one polygon to show up in Blender and not the entire mesh actually I never encountered such problems before in any other software, so I think, either I'm doing something wrong or the exporter is a fail what settings do I have to use? do I need to triangulate the mesh or not? what do I need to do to get it working? any suggestions? macOS Sierra 64bit plenty of RAM etc. edit: in Sketchup is the same when exporting to KMZ ps. I respect the Form Z policy not to include OBJ exporter but it doesn't make sense to strip a standard format
  4. Hi, I need to export some models from FormZ to Unity3D with control over how the UV coordinates end up, with an eye to dynamic texturing in Unity. Now I'm a rather clueless of how UV coordinates work in FormZ. Can I make them visible in the FormZ UI? Are there preferred modelling tools if I want control over UV-coordinates? Anything to avoid? Any help greatly appreciated, Tom
  5. hi there using form z pro 8.5 i'm trying to generate a smooth STEP or SAT file for industrial milling. however -- even if i just export a simple smooth sphere -- i cannot seem to get the "Parametric" option activated, in neither the STEP nor SAT export options. does anyone have a clue or an idea? thanks, best -christian
  6. I received some fmz file here. But I am not a Form-Z user. And I don't have Form-Z in my office. Can anyone help me export these files into any format that I can import in Rhino or Sketchup? Like a 3dm file or a 3D cad file? Thanks My email: hailongl@asu.edu
  7. Is it possible to export a geometry as a vector (for illustrator) including the coloured faces? Right now I can only export the lines. (I am using the Formz Pro Student version)
  8. When I try to export my FMZ-file to a STEP-file I get no results. The file which I am trying to export is small, my model includes only some composite curves. Exporting the file doesn't result in any result whatsoever. IGES conversion works though but, I do need STEP. I have tried several times with a different export parameter settings but, without any result. Maybe I need to change some settings in the STEP options menu but I have no clue. I hope that someone is familiar with this issue and has a solution for it. Thanks in advance for your input.