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Found 5 results

  1. I am importing a plat map from the engineer and I want to turn the linework into a solid or a surface can be reshaped. Do I have to trace over every line to make that happen or is there a tool that does that? martin way site -clean.zip
  2. Hi all, I received a DWG file that, when imported, doesn't fully render. Only the backside of the model shows up. It doesn't matter from what angle you view the model, most of the front portion becomes invisible. The wire mesh is visible and the object doctor doesn't show any issues. I've imported the file several different ways, but with always the same result. I'm working in 8.5.3, but 6.7 could only import a small portion of the file. Anyone have any clue what might be causing this? Due to the project associated with the file, I'm not able to upload the DWG file. I can upload the fmz file though, which has the trouble portion. There are also a couple screenshots showing the issue. Any advice is appreciated! anyone else come across something like this before? thanks, db DWG-Import.fmz.zip
  3. jimmy

    Link CAD files?

    Hi all! Is there a way in formZ to link CAD files? so any change in a referenced DWG file would update instantly in formZ? I think this feature could make colaboration much easier. If not, is there a possible workaround?
  4. Yes, I like the new Forum look. However, I was disappointed to see that, not only did the old threads not carry over but the archive has reduced the number of replies on this topic from 22 to 9! For those that missed it, the replies included extremely eloquent postings, particularly that from Bernd, as to why FormZ/Layout etc is inadequate for construction drawings and the problems associated with using dwg. There was considerable support for the use of Openclip as a means of being able to copy and paste from FormZ to Powercadd, or if it were to be implemented, also to Vectorworks. I also posted this from Alfred Scott, who wrote Openclip with help, I understand, from Autodessys! What is reasonable to ask for in FormZ is to Copy using OpenClip the same vector graphics that are presently exported as vector graphics in DWG. It has the advantage that you could just select a few objects to move between the programs, and it has the added advantage that splines, and other curves do not become polygons. That capability is built into OpenClip and has been from the beginning. The last post on the old forum was a plea for Openclip to be fully implemented in FormZ or to be given a reason why it should not be. It would be good to hear from AutodesSys on this.
  5. malcineurope

    Importing from Tekla, DWG

    I have been sent a 3D DWG file created in Tekla. It imports ok but all the steel sections on it are badly formed as can be seen in this screenshot. Is this a fault of the import settings or the export settings in Tekla or has anyone any idea how it can be rectified? example.tiff