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Found 3 results

  1. new here and new to Form Z I'm following the thirty minutes house tutorial on YouTube to get to know things need advise exporting dae to Blender right now, no matter what I try, I get only one polygon to show up in Blender and not the entire mesh actually I never encountered such problems before in any other software, so I think, either I'm doing something wrong or the exporter is a fail what settings do I have to use? do I need to triangulate the mesh or not? what do I need to do to get it working? any suggestions? macOS Sierra 64bit plenty of RAM etc. edit: in Sketchup is the same when exporting to KMZ ps. I respect the Form Z policy not to include OBJ exporter but it doesn't make sense to strip a standard format
  2. FredZ

    Exporting to DAE

    I'm new to FormZ and 3D modeling in general, currently i'm using FormZ Free to learn before making the jump to a paid version. I've been making simple geometric shapes to get a feel for the tools and exporting the results as DAE. Each time I export a project as DAE I keep getting this message "At least one object in this project has flat, cubic, cylindrical, or spherical controls which will be exported as UV coodinates.", which results in random transparent faces when I import said DAE into anoother app. This happens even if I just make a cube (each face of the cube having a material assigned to it). Is this some sort of crippling of the app for the Free version or is there a way to avoid this? Thanks.
  3. etroxel

    DAE export broken?

    Is anyone else having this problem? (v8.5) Models export fine, but when importing them into other apps, materials are 100% transparent, 100% specular, and no materials are linked up. If I export in v7.3.4 it works much better.