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Found 3 results

  1. Shibui Design

    Feature Requests

    Two simple requests related to materials. 1. Add the ability to drag/drop or copy/paste images in multiple channels Example: When creating a material and say the color is driven by a texture map. Say you want the same texture map to serve as a bump or opacity map. It would be very convenient to simply drag/drop copy/paste same material maps to other channels, thereby avoiding having to go thru the file system all over again. 2. If you have an object selected while the materials palette is open, have an indicator in the material palette highlight that material, so that at a glance, one knows what material is assign that object. This is similar to how the layers palette give you the option to highlight the layer a selected object is on. Thank you for considering!
  2. I have been having problems when using the very logical and consistent Change Layer tool on ordinary geometry elements in the model. However, when using it to move a component to a different layer than the one it was placed on I get a popup asking if I want to change the component definition and all instances or create a new component. This appears illogical. I am not in the component edit mode. I am only trying to move a component on Layer 2 for instance to layer 5. this seems very easy and consistent. Is there a way to do this now that I have not found. If not could a change component instance tool be added that would keying edits of all of a components attribute values. For a component instance this would include the component name. Layer placed on, and the transform, rotation, and scale x,y &z values. I know I can work around this by deleting and placing another instance on the correct layer but resetting all the attribute data when only one is changing is frustrating. Thank you.
  3. I am trying to change the attributes of an animated object. The attributes revert as soon as the timeline advances. How can I make this stick? The attributes themselves are not animated.