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Found 7 results

  1. FZnoob

    Quick Animation Tut

    Does anyone have a quick step by step animation tut for FZ? I just need to make a single object in a scene rotate 360 while everything else stays put.
  2. David Lemelin

    generating an animation

    Hi there, I was experimenting with some basic animation in FormZ yesterday and seem to be having no luck in selecting Maxwell as my renderer of choice to render a 10-second animation. I've been launching the animation renders through FromZ's Display menu and have succeeded at creating animations using the built-in modes like hidden line or shaded, but when I select Maxwell, the process seems to go nowhere.... Am I coming at this from the wrong direction? Should I be launching this animation through Maxwell itself? thanks!
  3. markyb1970

    Animation troubles

    I would like to have objects appear and disappear and multiply in my animation but I'm really struggling to work out how to do this. Is there any tutorials or suggestions anyone can help with? Thanks Mark
  4. I was able to create a walk through by keyframing camera views. However, when I do a playback I see the spline that the camera is moving along from. How do you turn this off? Thanks!
  5. Is it possible to use a .png image sequence as a material texture – for animation purposes? I know I can use a .mov file, but that would not work for me in this case.
  6. Is there any benefit to disabling animation under the Project:Modeling:Animation preferences? Particularly if one rarely, if ever, uses the animation features. Thanks
  7. I am trying to change the attributes of an animated object. The attributes revert as soon as the timeline advances. How can I make this stick? The attributes themselves are not animated.