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Found 4 results

  1. eyeclick

    3d Display

    Is there a way to display program in 3d? I'm referring to the actual editing portion as apposed to the render output. 3D televisions with HDMI inputs have come down in price and VR displays are now out. nVidia says they can output in 3D, but I don't have a display to experiment on. Can anyone point me in a starting direction?
  2. I want to make a 360 3d movie for the google cardboard (oculus, something like the rollercoaster movie we've all seen for the oculus! Does anyone has any experience with this? It seems not too difficult, but I would prefer it to be rendered in Form Z. I know it can be done in Unity, but I don't want to convert. Is it to be expected that the camera and the render settings come as standard option in Form Z? I think that these are things to be implemented in Form Z knowing that the 3d viewers are on its way! The idea for now is to create an animation of a walk through an interieur site, where the the viewer can turn head while the camera is walking through the scene. the camera setting should look something like this. This could be programmed as an extension maybe? I think there are some techheads that could create this! And Zweb, are you looking into this? Kind regards Rudy Daverveld Visual 8
  3. Hi all- I'd like to begin printing some 3D stuff online including a few jewelry pieces (pendants)... I like what I see on Shapeways, but am wondering if anyone here has any experience with them or other online printing services. thanks, Andrew
  4. lunarburns


    Greetings, I got the 3D Connexion navigator for xmas and it works great with the Formz pro, but doesn't seem to work with Formz free. I am I missing something or is that just the way it is. thxs