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Found 3 results

  1. Sorry if this has already been addressed. Is there a toggle that can be set to over ride the representation of solids being cut by the plane to a single selected color like white, grey or black? If not could it be added? Thank you.
  2. My video driver is only average but cannot be updated on this 18.4 inch Acer laptop. ATI mobility radeon Hd 5850. Do other people suffer frequent crashes when interactively moving the plane position of a clipping plane? I can guarantee it will crash for me sometimes. I can't afford new hardware so any advice to enable me to work more reliably with what I've got would be welcome please. I do have the latest driver according to the ATI website detect and update wizard. I get the odd video card related crash at other times too but only when using FormZ.
  3. Selecting a scene which has been saved with a clipping plane switches on the appropriate clipping plane as it should. Selecting another scene afterwards which has not been saved with a clipping plane should display without the clipping plane, but there is a bug in that the clipping plane is not automatically switched off upon leaving the previous scene. It is desirable to be able to click through scenes without having to continually switch off clipping planes.