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Found 2 results

  1. Why does info management output a different result to object information palette? Preference for modelling currently set to always smooth. Draw a circle 12.5mm radius and reshape it. The resulting smooth cylinder shows as 12.5mm radius (25mm diameter) in the pick object info parameters. But info management says the cylinder measures 24.9974 mm x24.9959 mm. The obvious explanation would be that info management first converts everything to faceted before its calculations. This is unfortunate in my opinion, but maybe the only way it can operate. I would love circles to be recognised as circles and circle derived cylinders and circles to maintain their geometric dimensions. This would also be useful when using FormZ in a geometrical way, where intersections need to be found on circle perimeters. It doesn't work if circles are faceted.
  2. It seems odd to me that straight lines display dashed line styles without the simple display settings changed, yet arcs and circles require the 'accurate' setting in display options. Curves are a mixture, dependent on tightness of the curve... maybe that is the key, the tightness settings. It is not consistent and leaves the user scratching his or her head wondering why dashed lines are not displaying on arcs and circles. (Line styles is one of the features not available in FZ free).