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  1. CADulator

    Can't use v9.0.1 layout

    @AsOne -- thanks for the suggestion. I've been working with Support, and my problems are largely solved now by the release and by structuring my title block and project template files correctly. Brandon in tech support showed me that the title block .fml file should contain graphics and directory items, and the project template .fml file should be blank except for the settings you want under File / Project Settings. The project template .fml may also specify the title block .fml you want for your project template under File / Project Settings, but a title block .fml should never reference another title block .fml. I sure didn't get that from the tutorial... Gerrit
  2. CADulator

    Can't use v9.0.1 layout

    I sent the .fml project template I've been having trouble with, along with some details. I'm working from a local drive. I haven't sent a 3D model file with link problems so we can concentrate on the .fml problems first. Thanks for your quick response, Gerrit
  3. CADulator

    Can't use v9.0.1 layout

    I was having much trouble with in Layout mode, especially with title blocks, and came here for help. I saw that 9.0.1 is now released, supposedly with Layout title block fixes, so I expectantly installed it. Yes, it fixed a few things, but broke many more. I can't use Layout at all now. My template projects don't work right: font styles disappear, but when I update a title block Dictionary entry <Entry> (for example) with "Text" I get the text "<Entry>" in the wrong font overlaid with "Test" in the nonexistent right font. Items that have been completely deleted in my template projects appear when I start a new Layout with the template file. And when I change and save a .fmz 3D model which is linked to a Layout frame, Layout doesn't recognize the change and update the frame. I tried deleting the frame and re-entering another identical one, and now nothing shows in the frame at all. I'm using the same procedure as in the 8.5 Layout tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UslpCswTm1o. Is any testing being done on Layout, including 3D links, for Windows platforms? It sure doesn't look like it. I've spent several hours on this, and I can't find any workarounds for these myriad problems. I literally can't use Layout at all.
  4. CADulator

    v9 where is Layout / Frame?

    I started Draft Layout and New [Layout], using one of the formZ title blocks. Is that what you mean by a new file? But guess what? Now it's working. Was I actually dumb enough last week to try to place a frame without even a layout project open? That's always a possibility (blush). I don't specifically remember my flounderings, but maybe my brain was that disengaged. Thanks for the dumb question, it jogged my dumb brain!
  5. CADulator

    v9 where is Layout / Frame?

    Lucky me, I have Windows 10.
  6. I'm a newbie using Layout and linking it to a 3D model using the Layout tool Content / Frame. I have done this successfully with a couple formZ v8 files, and today I'm starting with a brand new installation of v9. But the entire Content tool group is grey and disabled now when I start Layout. This didn't happen with v8 -- is there something I need to do with v9?
  7. OK, this seems to have something to do with selecting 'Fit' for the frame graphics. When I use a fixed scale the dimensions stay put and I can still select and edit them.
  8. Each time I read this layout file into formZ after closing it, the dimensions all disappear. When I change the size of the frame they reappear, but in random locations, and now I can click on them to select them, move them, and edit them. So the initial problem of not being able to edit the dimensions is solved, but now I have to rearrange them all every time I open the layout.
  9. I have formZ Pro v8.0. I've bought the upgrade to v9, but haven't installed it yet because I'm in the middle of a big project. I'm using a layout for the first time, linking it to a 3D project. I've been placing frames on my layout sheet and displaying views and cross sections from the 3D project, which update properly when I change the 3D. Nice! I'm placing dimensions in layout which update properly, but I can't select or change the dimension objects themselves, to move or delete them. I'm building up a bunch of fixed, immovable dimensions. How do I reposition or delete dimensions on an object in a frame?
  10. CADulator

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Yeah, I disagree too. It sounds like huge and complex new features are being requested for a new market, from a small development team. FormZ is already an extremely capable 3D CAD system which is a great fit for many markets. ADS is just not marketing it properly.
  11. CADulator

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Well said, @ariel! Paul and the forum archives have been immensely helpful to me too. Like I said at the beginning of this thread, I think formz is a terrific CAD system and highly under-appreciated. I'd like to hear from ADS what we users might be able to do, and maybe what their plans are to spread the word more effectively.
  12. CADulator

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Well, I certainly like to consider myself an independent thinker and a distinguished modeler. 😁 But don't you think more than 0.1% of the market would consider themselves similarly? Formz is also a perfectly fine tool for those who are not so independent and distinguished. It's priced right and very capable. I just don't get why it is so widely ignored, and has been for so long. What am I missing?
  13. CADulator

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    What percent of market share does that represent? The only market analysis I can lay my hands on right now is this one, which shows 430 companies using it and a 0.11% market share. It isn't dated. I know I found other analyses with similar results, but they're not showing up for me right now...
  14. I've been a formz user for many years, but I don't use it very intensively. I'm an EE, and I've been using it primarily to make component models for my 3D circuit boards. I also use it for home and hobby projects now and then. I don't have much experience with other 3D CAD programs -- I originally bought formz because it didn't cost multi-thousands of dollars, it seemed capable, and it had the STEP export I needed. The past few weeks, though, I've been doing a pretty sophisticated mechanical design with it, dusting off my skills and using many more of its features. I've always liked formz, and I'm liking it more and more now. But when I look into the market formz is a tiny piece of the overall mechanical CAD market, a small fraction of 1%, in spite of being around for decades. Why is this? Why should such a cool, extremely capable, and affordable CAD system be relegated to such a tiny piece of the market?
  15. CADulator

    Selective coloring of .step file imports

    @vva and @setz, brilliant -- that's it! "Unlock group" is key, and I've never used the Paint command. It's much easier than changing face materials. Thanks so much for your help!