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  1. CADulator

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Yeah, I disagree too. It sounds like huge and complex new features are being requested for a new market, from a small development team. FormZ is already an extremely capable 3D CAD system which is a great fit for many markets. ADS is just not marketing it properly.
  2. CADulator

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Well said, @ariel! Paul and the forum archives have been immensely helpful to me too. Like I said at the beginning of this thread, I think formz is a terrific CAD system and highly under-appreciated. I'd like to hear from ADS what we users might be able to do, and maybe what their plans are to spread the word more effectively.
  3. CADulator

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Well, I certainly like to consider myself an independent thinker and a distinguished modeler. 😁 But don't you think more than 0.1% of the market would consider themselves similarly? Formz is also a perfectly fine tool for those who are not so independent and distinguished. It's priced right and very capable. I just don't get why it is so widely ignored, and has been for so long. What am I missing?
  4. CADulator

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    What percent of market share does that represent? The only market analysis I can lay my hands on right now is this one, which shows 430 companies using it and a 0.11% market share. It isn't dated. I know I found other analyses with similar results, but they're not showing up for me right now...
  5. I've been a formz user for many years, but I don't use it very intensively. I'm an EE, and I've been using it primarily to make component models for my 3D circuit boards. I also use it for home and hobby projects now and then. I don't have much experience with other 3D CAD programs -- I originally bought formz because it didn't cost multi-thousands of dollars, it seemed capable, and it had the STEP export I needed. The past few weeks, though, I've been doing a pretty sophisticated mechanical design with it, dusting off my skills and using many more of its features. I've always liked formz, and I'm liking it more and more now. But when I look into the market formz is a tiny piece of the overall mechanical CAD market, a small fraction of 1%, in spite of being around for decades. Why is this? Why should such a cool, extremely capable, and affordable CAD system be relegated to such a tiny piece of the market?
  6. CADulator

    Selective coloring of .step file imports

    @vva and @setz, brilliant -- that's it! "Unlock group" is key, and I've never used the Paint command. It's much easier than changing face materials. Thanks so much for your help!
  7. CADulator

    Selective coloring of .step file imports

    @setz -- Sometimes it does for me, but often it doesn't. I'm attaching a model provided by a potentiometer manufacturer which is typical of the "monolithic" ones I get. Object Doctor finds four zero-length segments, but after fixing I still can't pick faces. Doing Boolean Splits on this thing to isolate portions of it for coloring would be excruciating... TC-33X-2.zip
  8. CADulator

    Selective coloring of .step file imports

    Thanks for the reply @snow. Some .step files import as multiple objects with different colors, but most do not. So I know .step is capable of multiple colors. But that's not the question. I'm asking how to apply different colors (materials) only to certain faces of the model. This is possible with native formZ models and others but not with most .steps I import. For some reason formZ doesn't recognize faces on these imported .steps, only the entire 3D model. So I'm looking for a workaround or trick to make formZ recognize faces in the models I import. Any ideas?
  9. CADulator

    Selective coloring of .step file imports

    Bumping to the top of the stack. Any ideas, anyone?
  10. I have version 8.0.2, so a little out of date. I use formZ primarily for creating 3D models of electronic components. Then I link them to my electronic CAD to produce 3D models of complete circuit boards. I often get .step files from vendors for their parts, and when I import them to formZ they are a single monochrome object. I would like to change the color of some portions of the model for a little more realism, but the only way I've found to do this is by Boolean splitting the object into separate parts and assigning different colored materials to each part. Sometimes that isn't bad, but in general that's really difficult and time-consuming. I would love to assign colors to faces of the model. This would be much faster. When I select Faces as the pick topological level, though, the imported model faces don't highlight and can't be picked. I do Object Doctor to clean up the imported .step, and that doesn't help. Is there another way to do this in 8.0.2, or has it been added in a later version?
  11. CADulator

    In memory of Paul Helm

    I'm so sorry to hear this! Paul was so helpful and friendly. As others have said, Paul was the face of formZ for me, and a welcoming and helpful one at that. I'll miss him greatly. Gerrit
  12. CADulator

    Can't load new texture

    Well, THAT was obscure! Sure enough, it fixed the problem though. Many thanks! Gerrit
  13. CADulator

    Can't load new texture

    I have Windows 7 and FormZ Pro v8.0.2 (latest release). I copied one of the formZ .jpg textures from my "formZ Textures" folder to a new location. It's 256 x 256 pixels. I also created a new material in my own library, copied from one in "formZ Materials". I modified the new texture color with a graphics program, but then I couldn't apply it to my new material. I'm using Material Properties / Color / Texture / "Click to load new texture". A dialog box appears with a default autodessys bitmap. I click Load... and specify my modified texture .jpg, but it won't take. I still see the autodessys logo, and that's what gets applied to my material if I continue. I tried reducing my modified texture to 128 x 128 pixels like the autodessys logo, but that didn't work. When I try to select my modified texture file, some text looks like it's crowding in behind the File Info frame in the dialog box: Am I doing something wrong in my new texture procedure here? Any workarounds? Thanks for any help, Gerrit