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    Gumby_Doyen got a reaction from etroxel in Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems   
    At this time 3Dconnexion is replacing my space mouse pro wireless. This is because all drivers, and firmware are up to date. Hopefully this will resolve any issue.
    On another note! Due to the fact Form•Z increasingly becomes better at creating organic forms. the space mouse has a real place in 3D modeling.  Being able to continually manipulate and object or scene on any axis is really the most effective way to study what one has created.  
    It's very cool.
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    Gumby_Doyen got a reaction from Surfnturf in Spacemouse Pro Wireless view problems   
    I've recently purchased the SpaceMouse Pro wireless navigation device.  It has huge potential, except for the predefined view buttons for front, right, and top views are not working.   
    I've checked the programing for these buttons, and everything seems to in order, but they don't function at all.  Form•Z is a certified and supported by the manufacturer 3Dconnexion, who I am also pursuing this matter with.
    Has anybody had similar problems with this device?  Any info or knowledge of this device is welcomed.
    If I could resolve this one issue, I would highly recommend the SpaceMouse Pro to any 3D'er.