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  1. Phanos

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Will PowerCADD be made available for Windows OS as well?
  2. Phanos

    Drafting v. Layout

    In the past and up to v.6, one could use the drafting module in FormZ to draw just about anything in 2D with accuracy and ease. With Layout (and unless I am missing something), unfortunately this is not the case anymore. I understand that FormZ is not a drafting program. Nevertheless, I only hope that AutoDesSys will consider restoring (and even improving) some of the older drafting capabilities that allowed us to draw anything (from annotated site and floor plans to construction details) in real and not scaled measurements. Having said this, I believe that creating frames and sheets in Layout with 3D views being directly linked to models could be a great feature to consider.
  3. Phanos

    Flour bag model

    Hi! I am seeking advice from other form*Z users regarding the best way to proceed with the modelling and rendering of a flour bag, similar to the one that can be seen below. Thank you, Phanos