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  1. Clarissa

    Form Z to 3D PDF

    How to create 3D PDF with Form Z model? I read that PDF needs U3D type file but I don't have any luck on converting .fmz to U3D and successfully insert in PDF. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. Thanks ZTech. I tested it again, the maps show up in a thumbnail view of the file in the app but once it loads they don’t show.
  3. ok I got the FormZ file into the app thru Airdrop. But how do I bring in texture maps? I tries zip, that didnt work. Do I need to drag and drop all the maps?
  4. Yes, we still have some troubles. We uploaded to google drive (just the form Z file) and saw it on the list, but it was greyed out. I will try the airdrop later.
  5. Silly question. Is there a guide or steps showing how to transfer files to the viewer thru 1) air drop, 2) google drive, 3) itune? Thanks. Clarissa
  6. Clarissa

    Render Texture Tool & Sketchfab

    I should mention that tool is called "render" under RenderZone workspace, then RenderZone palette. Below link shows what I'm trying to do - create a baked texture:
  7. Hi all, any of you have experiences with using Render Texture tool that dont mind to share? I'm learning this tool and cant get it work right Second, any of you have use SketchFab? I'm exploring and want to know what others think. Thanks in advance! Clarissa
  8. I would like the old feature of importing lighting or views from another file directly in the lighting or view palettes. It saves time of opening another file and waiting for Z8 to paste over. Clarissa
  9. Clarissa

    Lighting under shelving

    Make sure you have the shadow on in the display options. And here is the fmz file I created. If you dont mind, upload your file here and I can take a quick peek and see what can be done to fix that Clarissa Test.fmz.zip
  10. Clarissa

    Lighting under shelving

    Here is the way I will do that. If you want the glow to be bigger, I will add a grow transparency map to cheat it. Like ZTech said, line light adds more rendering time. Hope this helps. Clarissa