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    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    I'm having a problem with the latest update. Here's how to recreate: 1. Create a cube 2. Select the Pick Tool and move the cube Most times (not always) after releasing the mouse click, a wire frame is left in the moved position, and the the solid cube without it's frame is in the original (pre-moved) position. Weirdness ensues. If after the move you do an undo then redo the cube, or any object, is positioned correctly with its frame. Anyone else seeing this? I uninstalled and reinstalled with no joy. Windows 10 Pro 32 GB with Nvida GTX 970 card Thanks for looking into this...
  2. Hi Tech, Thanks for the Update! I don't have a 4K monitor, but I do have a large 32" - 2560 x 1440 display with a tiny normal cursor. When going to the Interface preferences the "Use Large Cursors" check box is greyed out. Is there a way / setting that I could use this? Thanks.... formZ Pro 8.5.3 Windows 8.1, 64 bit; Intel i7-4770 @ 3.4GHz; 16GB RAM 32" monitor @ 2560 x 1440 resolution; nVida GTX 970 4GB 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator
  3. RobertH

    Large Cursor option dimmed in Prefs

    Hi Tech, Sorry, I did not check to see if that directory folder was there before I did the install from the link. However after updating from within the program, like I said, the "Use Large Cursors" check box was there, but was greyed out.
  4. RobertH

    Large Cursor option dimmed in Prefs

    Hi Tech, Thanks for your help! Reinstalling from the link you provided fixed the problem of the greyed out check box. Checking the "Use Large Cursors" significantly increased the cursor visibility... Thanks! I also checked the HD folder Cursor Icons and they are there. Thanks again for your help! Great update!
  5. RobertH

    Large Cursor option dimmed in Prefs

    Hi Hugo, EDIT > PREFERENCES > INTERFACE Last item on the page, below the icons... HTH
  6. RobertH

    Export Image (2D) Crash and Error in 8.5

    Thanks Tech! I can wait a day or so... BTW I have a Nvidia GTX 970 graphics card and it worked fine in 8.0.2
  7. I'm getting crashes when Exporting Images (2D) in 8.5, depending on the object type. The error message is: Code = c0000005, Address = 000000006111AD39 Attempt to write data at address 0 This occurs for exports of data types TIFF, JPG, BMP when the object is a sphere. If instead the object is a cube you do not get a crash, but instead the document that is created contains a grid but does not include the cube. I'm just using the cube and sphere because they are easy to reproduce. So in essence 2D export is broken. Can anyone reproduce these results? Windows 8.1, 64 bit 16 GB Ram
  8. RobertH

    Beta 4 Boolean Crash

    When a boolean operation is performed between an intersecting cube and sphere problems occur in the latest beta. With a Union or B-Split operation the program crashes. With a Difference or Intersection operation both objects ghost but the no resulting object is created. A crash log has been sent. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a simple cube. 2. Intersect it with a simple sphere. 3. Perform one of the above boolean operations. Can anyone else reproduce this? Edit: Crash is a Program Exception Access Violation. It also happens with 2 Spheres.
  9. RobertH

    Enhanced Boolean TOOLS

    Description: The Boolean Tools are powerful and incredibly useful for creating new objects. Results of the Boolean Union Tool is readily apparent. But some Boolean Tools don't live up to their full potential as design tools. Particularly the Boolean Intersection Tool (and to a lesser extent the Difference Tool). It is possible to create some very unique objects with these tools, and while the results are precise, getting to them is rather hap hazard. More trial and error than interactive design. Making a few small changes could make these tools sing. Here is a proposal for an Enhanced Boolean Intersection Tool. Proposal: The Boolean Intersection Tool would work as it currently does until after it is finished executing, when the objects that make up the Intersection object, go into a result buffer mode. Then: The original objects become transparent, instead of ghosted and The Intersection of the objects is totally opaque (like the current result) and Clicking on any of the original, now transparent, objects Turns the tool into a Transform like tool for that object that Allows the manipulation of that object (move, rotate, scale), while Updating the resulting opaque Intersection in real time until A commit button is pushed. Benefits: Interactive manipulation with a real time preview of the resulting object would make this a killer enhancement to an already powerful tool. Implementation: All the tools to make this happen already exist in formZ with the exception of the intersection of objects display of two or more transparent objects making an opaque object. However the Clipping Planes tool is fairly close, with a little tweaking. Additionally: The same method can be used with the Boolean Difference Tool except only the cutter object(s) would be transparent, so that the resulting cut can be precisely controlled. Alternate Approach: A new tool could be created which would make any object that it touches transparent. When two or more of these objects intersect, the intersection would be opaque. These objects can be moved, rotated and scaled, like any normal object. A radio button would determine what type of Boolean operation, Intersection or Difference would occur. And a commit button would apply that Boolean operation. (Could this be done with a plug-in?) Screen Shots: Here a Cube and Sphere intersect and are shown at 90% transparency. There is no doubt about what the new object will look like, unlike the guessing required with the current tool. Move, rotate and scale of the transparent objects would update the intersection in real time.
  10. Same problem for me with the shifting workspace. Windows 8.1 would love to have it fixed...
  11. RobertH

    Enhanced Boolean TOOLS

    Thinking about this some more, the Live Boolean Union operation makes no sense. Instead of Union change this to Live Boolean Split. So when 2 Blue "Normal" objects intersect they would behave the same way as when 2 Red "Cutter/Intersection" objects intersect, but with an opaque Blue intersection object. This allows you to clearly see the 3 objects that would be split, something that is not the case with the current Boolean Split tool. When pressing the Commit button the 2 transparent object will become opaque, creating 3 separate opaque objects.
  12. RobertH

    Enhanced Boolean TOOLS

    Live Boolean Tool: OK I've been thinking about @palarsen ideas (Thank You palarsen!) and have come up with an alternative: the Live Boolean Tool. Proposal: The Live Boolean Tool would combine Boolean Intersection, Difference and Union operations. When this tool is selected and an object is: Left Clicked it would go to 90% transparency with a Red color and becomes a "Cutter/Intersection" Live Boolean object If Right Clicked it would go to 90% transparency with a Blue color and becomes a "Normal" Live Boolean object After either of the above operations the tool becomes a Transform type tool to manipulate that object (move, rotate, scale) while updating any intersection with other Live Boolean objects as follows: If 2 or more Red "Cutter/Intersection" objects intersect, an opaque Boolean Intersect object is created If a Blue "Normal" object and a Red "Cutter/Intersection" object intersect a Boolean Difference object is created, with the Blue object becoming opaque If 2 or more Blue "Normal" objects intersect they both become opaque and a Boolean Union object is created. This is not really needed but something useful has to happen when Blue "Normal" objects intersect The intersection object is updated live in real time until a Cancel or Commit Button in the Tool Options Palette is clicked. The Commit button creates the new Boolean Object and the original objects lose their transparencies and become ghosted. To sum up, the Red "Cutter/Intersection" object becomes a "Cutter" object when intersecting with a Blue "Normal" object and an "Intersection" object when intersecting with another Red object. Screen Shots: In the first shot a Live Boolean "Cutter/Intersection" Cube and Sphere intersect and are shown at 90% RED transparency and the resulting opaque intersection object. In the second shot a Live Boolean "Red Cutter/Intersection" Sphere and a Blue "Normal" Cube intersect and are shown at 90% transparency. Note that this would never be shown this way because as soon as they intersect the Blue "Normal" Cube would become opaque as in the third screen shoot.
  13. RobertH

    Enhanced Boolean TOOLS

    Hi palarsen, I like where you are going with this, but I don't completely understand your suggestion. If you have 3 objects (not touching), a regular cube, an "Activated Boolean" "normal" faced cube and an "Activated Boolean" "inverted" faced cube, what would the "Activated Boolean" cubes look like? If I have a Cube and touch it with the "Activate as boolean" Tool, what would I see? Is there a setting (like a radio button) which determines if this Cube will be become a "normal" or "inverted" faced "Activated Boolean" object? Would only "Activated Boolean" objects interact? What happens when a regular object intersects with an "Activated Boolean" object, for both "normal" faced and "inverted" faced "Activated Boolean"objects? I don't know what you mean by covered and uncovered surfaces. This is a really interesting idea! Just need more information. Thanks!
  14. RobertH

    Enhanced Boolean TOOLS

    Hi Surfnturf, thanks so much for your kind words and support!
  15. RobertH

    Enhanced Boolean TOOLS

    Thanks for responding John... I was just watching a video of the MeshFusion toolset in Modo and it gives a dynamic look at what this Boolean Intersection Tool would look like in action. The bit from times 3:00 - 5:00 gives a flavor of what's possible: It's interesting, even in the formZ manual, the first two pictures of how the tool works, shows the intersection using transparency. Looking at the first picture it's not at all clear of the result that you get in the second picture. http://www.formz.com/manuals/formZ8/formZ_Pro/!SSL!/WebHelp/formzpro.php?url_str=11420_Boolean_Split.html I hope AutoDesSys seriously considers this, it could be amazing...
  16. RobertH


    I have not used Mataformz in formZ but I have in another program so... +1 for me
  17. RobertH

    Windows 10

    Ordinarily I would not be too interested in upgrading my OS until I buy a new PC, and saw no compelling new features to do so. However reading one of my graphic forums, someone tested DirectX 12 (included in Win10) and bench marked 300% - 400% graphic performance increase using a 3 year old card. Now that's really interesting, if true. Does formZ use DirectX, OpenGL or... ?
  18. Thanks for your reply Tech... just got an email from sales with my eligibility good news! So I don't need to test against 8.0.2 anymore! So when you release a beta, and make fixes to user problems, those should be golden. We just need to test the new tools that were introduced. Is that right?
  19. FormZ Beta 3, a couple of things: 1. Thanks so much for the update! Glad to see continuing work on this... Startup time seems faster but could not test this against the previous versions because they no longer work or for 8.0.2 since it now errors out. 2. In the last beta I requested on this forum, but got no response, about a list of fixes. Without this list it would be next to impossible to tell you if the fixes work or cause any side effects. Seems to me you are missing out on a valuable community resource of beta testers that could be pounding the code. 3. I emailed sales, but got no response, about whether this version was a free update, since I purchased my first license in February. Still would like to know. I was under the impression, it seems mistakenly, that a licensed version would include all updates within a version number of formZ. Is that not correct? If not, what is the upgrade cost?
  20. RobertH

    Windows 10

  21. Hi Dan, Thanks for your reply! Yes I think this would be a great solution. BTW if I wasn't clear the 2nd screen result occurs when you press the middle "maximize" button on the floating document window (upper right corner) of the first screen.
  22. For completeness of this message thread, that I hope ADS will give serious attention to; Here is an example (that I used in another post) of an existing application, that operates as formZ currently does, and how a maximized design window version would work: If ADS wants to keep the UI as close to the current version, for whatever reason, this design gives that option, plus giving the user a maximized, boarder-less, title-less, control-less design work area with additional space and stability:
  23. Hi rich, To export a workspace select from the menu Workspace>Workspace Manager...>Export Workspaces... button and use the same dialog and the Import Workspaces... button to import. If you use a palette a lot, assign it a hot key. For instance you could set F3 for the Material Parameters Palette. Press it once and the palette appears, press it again and it disappears: Edit>Key Shortcuts...>Palettes>Material Parameters. I like modal palettes so much better than non-modal dialogs, the material parameters for example can be left open, work on a bunch of different materials and then close it. Not only that but it remembers what you were doing previously and opens to the same material group. It's also simple to rollup, ready for instant reuse. With the non-modal dialogs it's one shot at a time no matter how many times you need it in succession, that's what I call tedious. Only if a palette is poorly designed does it need to be resized. For instance I hate it when there is a dialog box that pops up and you need to make a selection from a list of 30 items, in a 1" box that shows you 4 items at a time, requiring scrolling. That screams out for resizing but often can't. The Materials Parameters palette looks great to me, easy to use and well organized. I think we are talking about the same thing here. Currently there is a title bar, controls and a frame around the design window. With a single application frame none of that would be there, leaving more room. There is also the Hide Palettes command, I assigned to the F11 key which just leaves the application title bar and the menu (and currently design work window which we want to have ADS remove).
  24. Hey Rich f, If you don't like the instant popup behavior of the tools you can turn it off: Edit>Preferences>Interface>Palettes and click the "Don't pop-up Tool Palettes on hover" check box. You can also turn off the group labels if you don't like them or they don't make sense in your situation. I like your idea of being able to edit the group labels. Of course you could also rearrange your tool bars so that the group labels do make sense. And saving a workspace is like exporting tool layouts, since you can also load them from disk, when you have multiple computers. You can also use a single-column tool layout in version 8, once ADS stabilizes the workspaces, if that's what you want. The reason for advocating the single frame UI that a lot of us are making, is because there are no benefits of the current system. We now have a lot of wasted screen real estate that could be better used for design, along with the current instabilities. This is especially true on single monitor systems. I've used dual monitors in the past but I much prefer my current setup of one large monitor. HTH