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    form•Z v9.0.0.3 now available

    The tool palette can be stand alone, and can be docked on the right side (left of the other palette dock, however). Don’t think it can be docked as a whole elsewhere. you can however, pull out or create custom tool group palettes, and those can be docked at the top. Haven’t tried at the bottom.
  2. Chris lund

    A0D4 vs A0D7

    Didn't see a post of when D7 went up, and am wondering what are the tweaks? ¢£
  3. Chris lund

    Hardware - Input Devices

    Look into Steermouse, it allows you to modify the behavior of the mouse pretty well, including behavior of the scroll wheel. Gives you the ability to use mice where there is no Driver on the Mac. and allows behaviors for specific Apps (as is expected) http://www.plentycom.jp/en/steermouse/download.php
  4. Chris lund

    Palette Window

    I use the nested palettes. 1 for Layers and Objects, another for all else. On my desktop, since I have two monitors, things are split up a bit different.
  5. Chris lund

    Logitech MX3 mouse Zoom option

    I also use a Logitech, but I prefer the system extension SteerMouse to modify it's behavior. Originally got it, because Logitech did not support the specific mouse I was using on the Mac. Don't even recall if my current mouse is supported. 10 Buttons (not including the scroll click and the 3 that are on the scroll wheel(never use those)) G700s The only thing I do not like about this mouse, is it is a bit small for my hands. so I enbiggend it. Looks like crap, but it fits my gorilla sized hands. http://www.plentycom.jp/en/steermouse/download.php
  6. Chris lund

    Too Options Palette

    I have, I keep Layers and Objects together, then all others together. however, with some tools, the options do get quite long.
  7. Chris lund

    Too Options Palette

    While I think the changes are good, the idea here that the list palettes would scroll underneath the tool options is a great idea. same here, on my laptop, there is a lot sof extra scrolling to get to a layer or object or whatever, only to have to scroll again to get to the options.
  8. Chris lund

    Red Dotted Grid

    That kind of control will show up on objects that you use the new symmetry tool on. albeit, does not look like you have symmetry across that plane.
  9. 6 subdivisions is the magic number, First eliminate the pentagon "fills" this gives you a kind of nucleus to work around. It really helps to have your pick tool to "crossing always" that way you only need to capture the center of each hex or pent that you want so that you can delete them. Or, you can use what I set up as a starter. HexiSphere.fmz.zip cheers!
  10. Started to play with this, and I kept coming up with a few pentagrams... Hmmm... if you take a closer look at the image, there are occasional pentagrams too. This is pretty manual... but, start with a Geodesic sphere, with a number of subdivisions of 4. create to size. Then pick an arbitrary location (I chose center top) and start deleting segments so that you have a hexagram left over. Adjacent to that, do it again... and keep going. Again, you will run into spots, that the only option is a pentagram. Too, you may need to experiment with higher number of subdivisions. I only tried a value of 4. and it may be possible, that I run into trouble somewhere that neither a hex or a pent will fit.... Hope this helps, and hope even more that someone else will come up with a more clever idea. ¢£
  11. Chris lund

    formZ models exchange site!

    Tech, I do think that this is one of the things that may hamper the spread of fZ. if Anton cannot continue, maybe it would be a good idea to pick it up and really get it to grow. ¢£
  12. Chris lund

    formZ models exchange site!

    apologies for never contributing more than I did at the very beginning, Had always planned to... ¢£
  13. Chris lund

    How to export to Draft

    I presume it is a bug that didn’t get caught. A lot of the focus was on the interface. If it isn’t a bug, then I suggest making a request. Myself, I don’t use the layout, as the dimensioning in 3D does what I need. €£
  14. Chris lund

    How to export to Draft

    Sorry about that, I presumed they would behave the same. However, a bit awkward, you can copy from Layout, paste to Draft.
  15. Chris lund

    Radial Array

    I’ll have to admit, I find it buggy. And actually having numerous flaws in its current build. They have been reported. when I get back on my computer, I will detail it for you. Won’t be until evening, however. €£
  16. Chris lund

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Andrew, Understood! Paul was essentially the face of ADS to many of us. It was explained to me that the forum was Paul's "Baby". The only reason I knew who the lead developers and Chris Y. were, is that I went on location to take a programming class when the SDK was first introduced in v5.x That being said, yes Paul knew his stuff. Great ideas! Not sure if they all could be implemented as the SDK sits now. Or if it would need additional features added to it so that they could be accomplished. Regardless, I too think that the SDK is the ticket. ADS can then focus on the the program as a platform and the third party devs can build tools. Now with scripting back (soon) in the mix, we users can add the specifics that we need that ADS and other developers may not feel the need to tackle. I am convinced Python can do a lot in this regard. Yes, something like Grasshopper would be outstanding. There may be a little overlap of some of your list and some planned projects of mine. But, not knowing the full extent of the SDK, can't say if I will be able to pull them off or not. I have been digging as best I can without the documentation, and am currently creating my first tool (ok, utility: as I don't see any examples that are for anything other than utility scripts) This is a new script, not one of my old ones and it is about 90% done. All that from a couple of evenings this weekend. There are a couple of things I need to figure out though, that the examples don't cover... most of the time spent on it was me rattling around the code blindly to see why something wasn't working. As right now, when a fZ encounters a script with an error, it just quits executing the script. No indication of what, why or where. Too, there doesn't appear to be any way of outputting readable values (other than resulting geometry), or non that are obvious to me. Lastly, no debugging. I do get tripped some on the differences between python 2.7 and 3.x. As I am only familiar with 3.x but so far, nothing too damning. For me, the end of the month can't be soon enough. Thousand questions... ¢£
  17. Chris lund

    form•Z Input Palette Hosed

    I am in my library folder often enough, that I made a visible alias to it.
  18. Chris lund

    How to export to Draft

    1. Set Any special views (other than top, left, right, etc...) in your Modeling project and save file. 2. Create a new Draft or Layout 3. from the "Content palette" (3rd toolset down), Choose Frame or M-Frame. 4. draw Frame 5. from popup window choose settings of your grande desires.
  19. Chris lund

    Radial Array

    click point on the active plane is the axis (perpendicular to plane)
  20. Chris lund

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Yea, Paul was awesome, but Was NOT a developer. Which precludes him from being the lead. Dave, and Markus, though, don’t know if Markus is still around. €£
  21. Chris lund

    Feels like a beta release!

    christi, you can edit a custom palette, though admittedly it is tricky for adding that first item. as you mentioned it shrinks. but if you slowly fan over it it will expand momentarily and let you drop it in. seems to be about a pixel wide so it is hard to find. Tech, don't know if this is intentional, however, once a palette is put into the dock (then pulled out) it is no longer editable. Cannot add or delete a tool from it. Also, how does one delete a palette that is no longer useful (a custom palette , not default) cheers! ¢£
  22. Chris lund

    Where's the info on 9?

    I think of it, less of "secretive" and more as managing expectations. It is quite possible that a feature in a beta may not make it into final release. How many times have you seen a company promise something, only to get burned by it? My opinion, of course. ¢£
  23. Chris lund

    slope a spline

    A tool could be made that distributes the control points between a distance. I could add something like that to my list of point manipulations.
  24. Chris lund

    slope a spline

    Could you get away with building your slope, then trim it with the 2D shape? ¢£