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    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    I used to deal with this on a daily basis. How I would get around it was to create a "L" like frame around what I needed to render (always rendered flat objects. In context, it made sense) the ends of the L would always extend a little beyond the object in both directions. Fit the view to the screen and render with an alpha. In Photoshop, I would punch out the image with the alpha, crop to the alpha selection and then I know the size of the rendering. I needed to render pretty much to a few pixels in size on a 20' object was typical with about a 30 - 50 PPI. It works. Should my explanation suck, I can draft up something more exact.
  2. Chris lund

    formZ 9

    They did pop up in another thread a while back.
  3. Chris lund

    Export for CNC paths

    If you do as I did, you won't need to tie the segments together, as both the unfold and the projection of a single face should keep all intact. ¢£
  4. Chris lund

    Export for CNC paths

    you could also separate the faces you want and then ortho project those.
  5. Chris lund

    Export for CNC paths

    I would always unfold the patterns I need. If you separate the faces you want first, you don't have to post cleanup. I have a couple of old tutorials that show the process in the old 6.x but it is essentially the same. To be specific, the tutorials are designed for compound curves, but that won't stop you from doing the above. ftp://ftp.formz.com/pub/formz/PDF_files/tutorials/compound_surface.pdf ftp://ftp.formz.com/pub/formz/PDF_files/tutorials/boat_hull.pdf Hope this helps
  6. Chris lund


    Can you post your file? My guess is key frames aren't at the right locations.
  7. Chris lund

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    Edit, didn't read Z's response until I wrote mine. I agree with the first part. Separate commands makes sense to me. That way, both options would be available. And not needing to switch back and fourth depending on the flavor of behavior you may want that day. ¢£
  8. Chris lund

    Views in FormZ

    Yes, Isometric gives 90º (or close to it) with Z Spin.
  9. Chris lund

    Geometric pattern inlay on 3D surface

    Am curious however, Horizontally the pattern stretches for the outside edges. Yet Vertically it is spaced the same as the original. Is this deliberate? ¢£
  10. Chris lund

    Geometric pattern inlay on 3D surface

    Glad it worked. I suspect it is a tool that is oft overlooked, but when needed it is indispensable. ¢£
  11. Chris lund

    2 Path Sweep

    Tis very interesting!
  12. Chris lund

    2 Path Sweep

    looks like the old C-mesh?
  13. Chris lund

    Geometric pattern inlay on 3D surface

    Try the "Parametric Map" tool in the "Specialties" pallet (the one with the stair tools). You may be able to group your pattern using this tool. Not sure, as again I really never use the tool. Cheers! ¢£
  14. Chris lund

    Geometric pattern inlay on 3D surface

    The only way I can thing of doing this, and it would only work in a single plane, is to trim and stitch everything together. Quite labor intensive. though it sometimes works to take a group of your trimming objects and apply the process. Another problem with this would be that it is merely projection, the "mapping" would not follow the curvature like a UV map would. this will cause stretching of the pattern. the more drastic the curvature, the more drastic the stretching. Pretty sure the process would not work in your other planes however, as the trim lines would have no way of matching up against the other planes. There is a tool for mapping a vector or curve onto a surface. Don't really use it though. I will have to hunt to see it. and not sure if it would be function for what you want. but I will see. ¢£
  15. Chris lund

    2 Path Sweep

    km, Well, the method used above is a lot more labor intensive than a sweep would be. Not sure if in the past it was possible. but thinking of the logic of how a sweep works I am not sure that it would. as a sweep keeps the shape off the profile consistent. The expected shape that you are requesting from the system can't do that. The profile shape has to stretch to achieve your desired shape. I simply cheated it by trimming an extrusion where you noted your radiuses to be. I too find the two path sweep unmanageable as it changes the location of the swept object to something other than the set/desired locations of the path. The edit capabilities of the tool isn't a useful replacement for getting it right in the first place. One reason why, is the ability of snapping the correct points. Quite irritating. I do think that the past tool for this did a better job. but can't confirm it at this time as I no longer keep an old version of the app on my system. ¢£
  16. Chris lund

    2 Path Sweep

    Double post?
  17. Chris lund

    2 Path Sweep

    Here is how I would approach it (though as mentioned above there does appear to be a bug or possibly a bug in my understanding). the three paths show a tighter radius on the outside of the profile sweep. Which again, using the sweep tools doesn't appear to be a natural way to do it. Using the Nurbs blend, you can manually loft each section. I have highlighted the problem areas that I am having with this method. The N-Bound tool. and possibly other tools could be used instead. This of course creates a "Loose" NURBS patch that has to be fully manually tweaked as opposed to a nice neat control vector.. but with some effort, can product a nice patch. (has a slight bulge that doesn't quite have the needed flow, but again can be tweaked to do so.) You may also be able to do some trimming processes to get everything to match up. I haven't completed the process of stitching everything together. by looking at the file, you should be able to glean how I approached the problem. Look at the ghosted objects. Tech, is it possible to after the fact change the direction of the control vector, not just its magnitude? Speaking of the NURBS blend tool. If not, this would be a profoundly helpful option to have. Too, it would be extremely helpful to have an idea of which way the control vector is going to point. Right now, I have to go through a lot of trial and error to get the shape I am expecting (even beyond the two problem patches) ¢£ 2PathSweep.fmz.zip
  18. Chris lund

    2 Path Sweep

    As a sweep the shape is impossible, but should be achievable by a laborious process of using NURBS for each line section of the profile. Will have to admit that this too is troublesome and requires a lot of trial and error. As well, as I suspect a bug in the process. ¢£
  19. Chris lund

    the instant alternative to hidden line

    This technique would go a long way into setting up your views for HL though. As too, my use of HL has been to export to Illustrator and then (painfully) reassemble and colorize (everything needed to be scalable) ¢£
  20. Chris lund

    SDK History

    My current professional situation has taken me away from modeling. Though, I do a lot more programming. In Python😊 Not professionally, but rather for internal projects. Even though not using fZ professionally, I do use it for personal and internal business projects. I will first update my scripts from FSL to python. For the Mix of reasons of adoring fZ , the Community that supports it, and my continuing interest in programming, there are a number of scripts I have planned beyond my historicals and hope to continue with scripts as of yet unimagined. I would even someday like to be a contributor to the LAB project. But even so, this would take some time to build the quality of my scripts as I don't pretend to be an expert. jldaureil, I realize that the above doesn't answer your question, as Tech did that already. I would like to add, that some of the Utility Scripts currently work with version 8. MIMI for example does (mostly.) As Tech mentioned, when 9 is released that will break all FSL scripts. If you or anyone else has a request of which scripts you want me to update to Python first, please let me know. I would be happy and quite frankly excited to get on this project. Updating my current scripts will be a good warm up exercise. Though, due to my lack of professional use these days I don't know if I will be a candidate for Beta testing any longer. I do hope I will be, Hope isn't much of a strategy. If I get the opportunity to test, I would be doing more testing in the scripting area than in the actual modeling environment, though naturally I will be doing some of that as well. Tech, This is exciting news! I want to beta test the scripting environment. Do hope I haven't been too much of a PIA and will be allowed to test. Don't know the emoji that describes my current expression. <<Sweating Trepidation>> ¢hris £und
  21. Chris lund

    Animation Suggestions

    Been working on some animations lately, where there are a number of interdependencies. When chaining/parenting objects things get convoluted real fast. So here are some thoughts that should make it easier. 1. ability to apply position and rotation of centroid based on any selected object (not just first in animation group) This should be able to be accomplished with a script/PI.. but thought I would add it any way. 2. Ability to parent objects to other objects instead of a mandatory Animation group (do not get rid of the animation group though) This would aid in cleaning up the number of objects/groups in the list 3. Note different kinds of objects with Icons or color code in animation list. Right now I name them with O-Name, A-Name, and L-Name (L for location objects not directly used in animation (a cheat for #1) If 1 is implemented then the L- would go away. In some other Apps, an animation group would be called an "effector" and have an icon that looks like XYZ axis. an object could be noted with a sphere or cube etc... 4. note the channels that have animations in them... Color highlight the item in list. 5. Some animation channels to override things like transparency etc of the object so that not all objects with a shared material need be affected. and an objects animation controls can all be packaged in one line item. 6. Am not sure the "Bezier" need be shown, at least not automatically. Takes space and Time. 7. Hide Channels not Used. That is, if I am only rotating in the Z Axis, I don't need to see the Position or the other two Rotations. Show All Channels/Hide Unused Channels. 8. Some way of showing the Channels and Child objects as not being equal. 9. Channel Change ignore... that is, if there are child objects in a AG, and you make a mod to a channel in the AG... I want the the option to tell the Children to ignore that change at that moment. (as an option) Right now, I have to move the children out, make the change to the AG Channel then move the children back in. Working out a mockup.
  22. Chris lund

    Views in FormZ

    If understanding correctly, they can't. remember this is simulated 3D projected onto a 2D display. 2 of the angles are forced to be less than 90 and 2 are forced to be greater by the projection. If they are all 90º then it is a straight down view with maybe a little Z spin.
  23. Chris lund

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    Joe, UV, oh hell yes! Symmetry, absolutely needed. Though, I use this in other apps, I do find it sometimes clunky to work with. (if something gets off, you don't necessarily realize it right away) 1, Good Idea! Would significantly help out things like animation. Instead of hunting through the whole list. If it isn't an automatic behavior, it should work with Isolate/Reveal as well. 3. Oh yea! May be able to be done with a plugin or script. But would probably work better if integrated directly in. 4. Have been contemplating building this when scripting comes available again. Though, it would probably be more of a workaround and again would be best integrated. 5. Hmm, never considered. 6. Script could definitely handle this. I did build a grid up/grid Down script for 6.x oh so many years ago. Since some Utility scripts still work, it may give you a crude option. I will go back and test it.
  24. Chris lund

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    2.8 for me as well, I think. By way of Electric Image. EIAS. Enjoyed the ride!