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  1. Chris lund

    What's New In form•Z v9 Video

    He did say one is on forthcoming.
  2. Chris lund

    interface suggestion (palettes)

    I have to admit, I was more comfortable with the way v6 handled the tool palettes. When working fast, I often miss the tool in the popup palette that I am after. Especially if I am using my laptop. Missing the nuanced control by just one or two pixels is still missing the control. Second suggestion, wouldn't hurt: However, I am not sure I would use it. Why and how would you use it? Seems like it would take longer to access it, than it would to just access the popups from the main tool palette. Interested to know if I am just not thinking about it correctly. ¢£
  3. Chris lund

    Example Images

    Andrew, Justin, Beautiful work! Andrew, good point. Our state just got a mandatory sit in, effective tomorrow. Should have bought stock in e-learning companies... ¢£
  4. Chris lund

    switching back to form z 8.

    having version 9 does not prevent 8.x to open, assuming you have it installed. Albeit, double clicking on a file may default to 9. you can tell your OS to default to 8.x instead. What specifically are you trying to do in 9 that isn't working.
  5. Chris lund

    custom poly mesh

    I don't see any way that the poly mesh tool will generate what you want. not in a single step any way. I attempted to do a 1D grid, then rotate by 60º do it again, then rotate 60º and do it a 3rd time. but the second application places the grid lines in odd places. Tried it with the regular mesh too, but it does odd things too. Best way I figured was manual construction using the s-Split in combination with the join and stitch tools. the serrated edges like yours was applied after the fact, by the lasso pick tool and deleting the edge polys.
  6. Chris lund

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    it Didn't work for me the first time (after Allan mentioned it) but now does.
  7. Chris lund

    Example Images

    Oh yea, I have done things like that in Renderzone too.
  8. Chris lund

    Example Images

    Then, with a little work, you could accomplish what you want? Render twice(or multiple depending on complexities), one+ with full background you want for reflections and transparencies then the other+ with Alpha channels applied. Post composite. ¢£
  9. Chris lund

    Example Images

    Don't use V-Ray myself, however, does it have the ability to render Alpha Channels? If so, would this help?
  10. Chris lund

    form•Z Viewer first flight

    Stellar! Will do! Thanks! ¢£
  11. Chris lund

    Linkedin FormZ User Group

    I didn't realize the one that is there isn't official. hmmm.
  12. Chris lund

    Moving or rotating certain objects causes crash

    Was able to rotate, but only after I removed all symmetry controls, then applied the Object Doctor.
  13. Chris lund

    Palette weirdness in Mac 10.15.3

    Agreed, placing palettes can get a bit tricky. One thing I have noticed too, is, the pick options palette seems to grow over time, and I have to resize it to take up the minimum. I don't have any difficulty resizing them, however. On either 10.13.x or 10.15.x ¢£
  14. Chris lund

    Moving or rotating certain objects causes crash

    supply the objects please. were they created in fZ or imported? Have you attempted the object doctor on them? What version of fZ? and OS? ¢£
  15. Chris lund

    what's new webinar

    Hopefully they will come out with a webinar for Draft/Layout, at least at that point we can understand their vision for it, and use that as a starting point to convey the users visions for it back to ADS. ¢£