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  1. Chris lund

    Animation Suggestions

    Been working on some animations lately, where there are a number of interdependencies. When chaining/parenting objects things get convoluted real fast. So here are some thoughts that should make it easier. 1. ability to apply position and rotation of centroid based on any selected object (not just first in animation group) This should be able to be accomplished with a script/PI.. but thought I would add it any way. 2. Ability to parent objects to other objects instead of a mandatory Animation group (do not get rid of the animation group though) This would aid in cleaning up the number of objects/groups in the list 3. Note different kinds of objects with Icons or color code in animation list. Right now I name them with O-Name, A-Name, and L-Name (L for location objects not directly used in animation (a cheat for #1) If 1 is implemented then the L- would go away. In some other Apps, an animation group would be called an "effector" and have an icon that looks like XYZ axis. an object could be noted with a sphere or cube etc... 4. note the channels that have animations in them... Color highlight the item in list. 5. Some animation channels to override things like transparency etc of the object so that not all objects with a shared material need be affected. and an objects animation controls can all be packaged in one line item. 6. Am not sure the "Bezier" need be shown, at least not automatically. Takes space and Time. 7. Hide Channels not Used. That is, if I am only rotating in the Z Axis, I don't need to see the Position or the other two Rotations. Show All Channels/Hide Unused Channels. 8. Some way of showing the Channels and Child objects as not being equal. 9. Channel Change ignore... that is, if there are child objects in a AG, and you make a mod to a channel in the AG... I want the the option to tell the Children to ignore that change at that moment. (as an option) Right now, I have to move the children out, make the change to the AG Channel then move the children back in. Working out a mockup.
  2. Chris lund

    Views in FormZ

    If understanding correctly, they can't. remember this is simulated 3D projected onto a 2D display. 2 of the angles are forced to be less than 90 and 2 are forced to be greater by the projection. If they are all 90º then it is a straight down view with maybe a little Z spin.
  3. Chris lund

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    Joe, UV, oh hell yes! Symmetry, absolutely needed. Though, I use this in other apps, I do find it sometimes clunky to work with. (if something gets off, you don't necessarily realize it right away) 1, Good Idea! Would significantly help out things like animation. Instead of hunting through the whole list. If it isn't an automatic behavior, it should work with Isolate/Reveal as well. 3. Oh yea! May be able to be done with a plugin or script. But would probably work better if integrated directly in. 4. Have been contemplating building this when scripting comes available again. Though, it would probably be more of a workaround and again would be best integrated. 5. Hmm, never considered. 6. Script could definitely handle this. I did build a grid up/grid Down script for 6.x oh so many years ago. Since some Utility scripts still work, it may give you a crude option. I will go back and test it.
  4. Chris lund

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    2.8 for me as well, I think. By way of Electric Image. EIAS. Enjoyed the ride!
  5. Chris lund

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    sjj, #3 are you asking that the layer list be able to be colored? or that you can override the object colors by layer? if it is the latter, fZ has this capability now. cheers!
  6. Chris lund

    Copy/duplicate "inserted" geometry on face?

    it would be a nice option.
  7. Chris lund

    Info management. Size output BOM

    I matched my settings, recreated the cylinder and Still come up with 25 and 25.
  8. So, to be clear, what you are looking for is notated in Red? Are they still planar once you move points around? Are your Surface planes still planar? Chris
  9. tech, Just noticed something I wasn't expecting. Slice tool is misbehaving in multiple ways. 1. Slice does not follow the "ghost, delete, keep operands" settings 2. Slicing with heal, actually leaves an original operand, and a copy of that operand as well as the final object. Create a cube, and a slicing operand like a rectangle. Perform slice (with heal) there are now two of the operands, the original and one at the nearest face of object to the operand. 3. if slicing a face instead of a solid, there becomes a weird extrusion on the face. 4. Heal does not head faces ( Pretty sure it used to ) 5. if heal of a face is attempted, one cannot stitch the operand and the resulting face together. Does work if heal was not used. THanks Thanks! Chris Lund
  10. Free from the constraints of conscripted labor.  Can spend time here once again!

  11. Chris lund

    Copy/duplicate "inserted" geometry on face?

    I don't see a way to do what you want directly, best alternative I have found is make your transform as you want, then using the "slice" tool. select your wall, then your want to be window. One problem, the slice tool, does not follow the "ghost, delete, Keep operands," settings. it always keeps, so you will need to delete it or ghost it manually. I know it isn't what you are looking for, but hopefully it helps. Chris
  12. Chris lund

    Info management. Size output BOM

    Mine reports as 25mm
  13. Alan, problem is, if you move points on a segment (belonging to a quad) that does not intersect another, that quad will most likely become nonplanar. You could make sure that any movement belongs to a triangle, but if you have adjacent quads, this may not be possible. Also, may vary thickness a little. Or am I missing something?
  14. Gyro, Could you not just use the triangulate tool set to "Strict planarity test"? Which would convert all non planar quads and up to triangles. Or, you can force all (including planar quads and up) to triangles. Or do you need for some reason there to be quads+? ¢£
  15. Chris lund

    Simple modeling... stuck on basics!

    no, went horizontal until I was 2" shy of the wall edge (using 2" grid snap) admittedly, this wouldn't work if your wall wasn't divisible by 2"