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  1. Chris lund

    Virtual Reality

    Hopefully fZ will include a USDZ file format. I'm sure other competing formats will/are available as well for Android and MS options.
  2. Chris lund

    SubD mirror / symmetrical modeling

    one concern regarding this, is that other modelers constantly refer back to their poly model and then smooth it. Thus all tools that work on the poly model work on the sub-D model, and visa versa. formZ, has dedicated tools for its sub-D and the other tools do not act on a sub-D model/mode. Not sure if that means that fZ does not constantly refer back to the poly or not. but it does seem as though it doesn't. If it doesn't, I will speculate that this is because it is a true smooth model and not just a higher resolution poly model (MODO). It would be nice to allow fZ to incorporate it's tools together, instead of a dedicated tool set. Even if there was a dedicated pallet with the proper selection of tools. in my mind this would simplify the interface by having a smaller set of tools.
  3. Chris lund

    Multiple objects sweep

    P.S. If you want, here is the Look_At_Cam script, no sense in paying for it as it is obsolete. http://www.neurascenic.com/extensions/Tools/look_at_cam/ Christopher Lund [Neurascenic]
  4. Chris lund

    Multiple objects sweep

    The script you are looking for is "n-sweep" I don't think it will work with the new architecture. 7.x is probably the last it would work with. I actually built it for the 6.x architecture. (technically, I think the 8.5.0.x is where it broke) From what I have seen, the only scripts that work are the Utility Scripts with no interface. I am not in front of a computer with fZ installed to test them at this time. However, you are welcome to play. (MIMI, is a Utility Script) I don't know if ADS, has any of these old scripts available on their site any more, so, here is a link to all the ones I have posted. http://www.neurascenic.com/extensions/ I am looking forward to ADS opening up the architecture once again... when they do, I will update all of the these, and will have more to offer. Am very excited to script fZ in Python as well (do hope that they don't lobotomize it's functionality, if they don't the possibilities are astounding) Don't think we will see it in an 8.x but we can hope for a Best Regards, Christopher Lund [Neurascenic]
  5. Chris lund

    Tool Simplification / Consistency

    for me, it is the extrusions that should be consolidated. and in the subdivision edit tools grow F and offset F tools do the exact same geometry... only offset F has a little more nuanced editing. these could easily be combined into the offset, with options to behave, constrained as if it were the grow F tool.
  6. Chris lund

    Tool Simplification / Consistency

    Why couldn't hot keys be set to choose options within a tool? This way, consolidation and shortcuts could be added for distinct behavior.
  7. Chris lund

    formZ 9

    sjj, I set up my numeric keypad for all my topo levels, as well as snaps (with different modifier keys). But a simple script could handle cycling easily enough. ¢£
  8. Chris lund

    Python Console

    Quite willing to alpha test...
  9. Chris lund

    Tool Simplification / Consistency

    in 6x and older some of these tools were combined. I too preferred it.
  10. Chris lund

    My wish list for V9

    1. Yes Please! 2. Yes Please! 3. Ooooh! Ahhhh! 4. Could you give an explanation? 5. Absolutely! Could be done with a script, fairly easy, assuming that functionality ever comes back. 6. Yea, would clean up some time consumption artifacts. would have to deliberately attempt to use, it as I have so habituated myself around not having something like this. 7. Been wanting to do this as a script myself. I think I have asked for it in the past as well. If not, Brilliant! 8. Don't run into a problem here, but then again most of my work is relatively small. no larger than a small building. 9. Please! Please! Please! 10. SCRIPTING!
  11. Chris lund

    Contour Sections Tool

  12. Chris lund


    Swift development for Windows continues. https://swiftforwindows.github.io
  13. Chris lund


    I too, do not use the objects palette, but in extreme conditions. That being said, however, does not negate the great possibilities to having the ability to search in all palettes. I often use the disclosures to hide complex layer structures. If by just typing a few characters in a diesel would open up the disclosures do display the wanted layers, this would greatly reduce time pecking through even the most organized layer structure.
  14. In my previous work, due to th nature of it, I worked mostly with surface objects. With a little care, the trim and stitch tools can be just as effective as the Boolean Tools.