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  2. Chris lund

    New material naming

    I don't see any reason why this couldn't be done. Will just have to see what the API offers. If it is as complete as the old, seems reasonable. I could also have it turn on the direction of the "Delta" segment/s to show the direction of the movement/s. This way, I wouldn't have to change the colors/materials of the original work. (I am assuming, you did that for illustration purposes) ¢£
  3. Chris lund

    New material naming

    So, if the points are not on the grid, but compose a 90º angle between them, then ignore?
  4. Chris lund

    New material naming

    Setz, I do intend on some other direct point manipulation tools. This would be a good addition to them. such as arranging in geometric shapes. with different planes as options. (topo selection level would be points.) Circle, square... Maybe have a second selection that the points could align too... Shift to nearest neighbor or average (within a tolerance setting option) option to Join/Stitch when possible. Now Quantize, I can definitely see a tool like this making wrong choices, but as you said, maybe make them more obvious. It may be possible to leave some kind of marker behind where the points that were shifted so you can go back and verify correct placements. thinking: creating a new layer and adding circles or spheres where the points go moved to, or from. both? Any way, yea, consider it considered. cheers! ¢£
  5. Chris lund

    Wanted: Form.Z Renderzone 5 or 6

    the software was distinct, but the license may not care.
  6. Chris lund

    Showing Outline Only of Facetted Object

    Doh! Sorry about that!
  7. Chris lund

    New material naming

    Might be able to create a little hack to help if the bug isn't fixed. Something like run through the list of materials, if it is set to an image map, do the work around, then move on. ¢£
  8. Chris lund

    Showing Outline Only of Facetted Object

    Hidden line should not show the facets, unless they are on edge of the object. where you want to see the edge, select all the faces you want as a group, then un-stitch them as in the final image shown here.
  9. Chris lund

    New material naming

    Will do what I can on my end. Even if I have to perform that workaround in code. Have you noticed this issue in other places than the MIMI Script? ¢£
  10. Chris lund

    New material naming

    Change the Mapping from "Color Map" to something else, then back again. As noted, it isn't 100% ¢£
  11. Chris lund

    Curve by formula

    Mine is not crashing, however, when I use 0 to 1 for the domain, it will produce. if I put the domain to 0 - 2*pi it does not. or what it does produce is too small to see. upon further exploration, anything larger than a value of 1.57079632 it disappears. Same behavior in the Beta. ¢£
  12. Chris lund

    Curve by formula

    Post how you attempted to enter the formula, please. ¢£
  13. Chris lund


    Nice work. You have a point about the diamond pattern. Attached is such. The write up of this is more complicated... but I will get to it. Just have other stuff to attend to for at least the day. I Scale of attached is going to be wrong, but can get you a good start. Created in 9.0 Beta and back saved to 7.0 since I don't know what version you are using. if you need older, just let me know. too, I set it to 52 instead of 50. that way it is divisible by 4 (quadrants) and my old brain doesn't have to think as hard this way. Hope this will get you by until I can write up a proper explanation. ¢£ Knurl.Copy.fmz.zip
  14. Chris lund


    Glad to help! If not secret, let us see! ¢£
  15. Chris lund


    last step (11) in my instructions say to "Cap" which would make it a solid. Didn't think I needed to explain how to cap it.