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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from Alan Cooper in Pick object just created   
    There is a setting somewhere to have Newley created object to auto pick. I am not at my computer to say where it is though. I think it is n preferences. I keep it off, as while it would be handy in many situations, it's an all o nothing optin.
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    ¢hris £und reacted to Bo Atkinson in Customising size of onscreen tool handles and geometry components   
    I think point objects might deserve a non-antialiasing option,  with a limited choice for pixel count , (let user experiment).   Aliasing really distinguishes points  vs 'surfacing', which can be useful for particular renders. Yet, indeed, the antialiased point has it's appropriate benefits, in many situations, as the developers expected.
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    ¢hris £und reacted to setz in Customising size of onscreen tool handles and geometry components   
    The old style of points were a rendered as a small square rotated 45º.  Not as elegant as the current style but they were fast.  I noticed that currently, objects with more than X-number of points render in a more simple fashion to increase render and display speeds.  The small black diamond was always very fast and was easily discernible, even in a complex model.  It would be good to have have it back as an option.

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    ¢hris £und reacted to jonmoore in Customising size of onscreen tool handles and geometry components   
    Cheers Tech.
    And it's larger or smaller on both requests. There are occasions when large controllers (and vertices/points) make sense but most of the time I prefer them to be smaller and unobtrusive. The important thing is to have control.
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    ¢hris £und reacted to Tech in FBX Beta Import / Export Translator now available!   
    NOTE -- these download links are no longer necessary because the current update now includes the FBX format:     We are pleased to announce that we now have a Beta version of our FBX Translator available for formZ (or later), which you can use to Import and Export .FBX files.   This is an early beta of a FBX translator (import and export) for formZ 8.5. To install, drag the uncompressed “FBX” folder into the “Plugins” folder of your formZ 8: formZ 8.5... Pro Application folder and restart formZ.   Know issues:
    - Exporter currently writes smooth objects as facetted (this is work in progress).
    - Exporter may create duplicate image fils from textures used in materials.   Downloads:
    ftp://ftp.formz.com/pub/formz/formz/fz8/Forum_Files//FBX/fbx_Win.zip   If you encounter any issues, please report them via email to support@formz.com, and include a simple file that shows the issue that you are having, and we will do our best to get this addressed ASAP.   We hope you like this new plugin, and thanks in advance for your feedback!
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    ¢hris £und reacted to Andrew West in Separate by color   
    I would love to get the old plug in for Separate faces by Color again. It is extremely useful for blowing apart Sketchup models that have multiple materials applied to their garbage geometry.  It enables us to use these awful models as a template for building clean geometry when we isolate materials. 
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    ¢hris £und reacted to Tech in 4K   
    Hi Pedro,
    Yes, we are working on a solution for the cursor size, and expect additional options will be available with the next update.  
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    ¢hris £und reacted to Tech in 8.5 Layout Tools Manager / Settings   
    SDKs (including Layout) are coming soon... 
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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from Martin Malinski in Bottle thickness / filling with liquid?   
    Just at the edge of the meniscus.
    Steps to produce:
        Create glass/Bottle in full
        Create Top of liquid with meniscus so that it extends just past the inside of the glass ( they intersect/cross )
        Use the S-Split tool with the "Two Way" selected.
        Delete the little bit of excess from the meniscus
        Stitch the top of the liquid to the split portion of the glass (bottom inside)
        Color the new liquid shape (which should be a solid) as you wish.
        Color the glass as you wish
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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from Martin Malinski in Bottle thickness / filling with liquid?   
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    ¢hris £und reacted to Tech in 8.5 Layout Tools Manager / Settings   
    Hi Skip,
    We are currently working on implementing Tool Settings and a Tool Manager for Layout.  Expect to see these improvements in the future.
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    ¢hris £und reacted to AHDD Designer in C-Mesh - Facetted «Nurbs by boundary »   
    Bring back the C-Mesh tool-
    Or implement the option, to create a facetted objects with Quads via the «Nurbs by boundary» tool.
    This would be a useful base as starting point for Subdivision Surfaces.
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    ¢hris £und reacted to Justin Montoya in Controlled Rounding Wall - Maintain thickness   
    Hey there-
    I was just thinking it would be great if when you control round a wall, that there could be an option to maintain the wall thickness at the rounding edge, so that that the inside and outside rounds stay proportionate to the wall thickness.  For example, If you increase or decrease the outer edge round of a wall, it could automatically change the inner edge so the wall maintains a consistent thickness.  Make sense?
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    ¢hris £und reacted to nadir in GPU vs CPU makes rendering faster?   
    Again thank you for your suggestions, they were informative.
    This discussion made me dig deeper into what Apple’s future plan is for MacPro and it looks bleak but their consumer section is very bright, at least I couldn’t find something to fit my work and budget on their new line of computers.
    I use too to go to their website and there were so many options to choose from among MacPros now that section is so small that it took me a while to find it.
     I started with Mac and will stay with it as long as I can, I like their format. If I have too chose between PC and Breaking Bad “Hackintoshing” I will pick Hackintosh.
    I think I fund what I will be getting
    Mac Pro 3.33GHz , !2-core Intel Xeon processor( I can get faster one with more money)
    1.0TB OWC Electra 6G SSD
    ATI Radeon HD 5770 Graphics processor
    Wish me luck.
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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from nadir in GPU vs CPU makes rendering faster?   
    Neat,  however those are still SATA Bridges, which will slow down the transfer.
    for the Apricorn;  and a 250GB Drive  that is $217
    For the Setup That I showed is $212  for a 250 GB Drive.
    Advantage for the Apricorn or the other (more expensive by $100)  is you can put 2 drives onto it, where my option is pay all of it as you go.
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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from nadir in GPU vs CPU makes rendering faster?   
    Don't forget,   the mac Pro is also using that Xeon Chip is a true server class chip.  essentially meaning; it has efficiencies that the others don't   
    if your going to get a PC that is so equipped, you will be spending a lot of $$ too.  As to get the advantages of them, the MLB has to be built for it too.  Mostly in terms of the Data Buss/s  
    Regarding the Flash Drive,  for speed concerns,  the PCIe slot drive is your best bet, as there is no data bridge/conversion to slow it down 
    This is the one I have.  there are probably larger ones now, as mine is about 8 months old.  you will also need a carrier card for it
    Flash Drive  Damn, the price has dropped $50 since
    Here is the carrier card
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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from nadir in GPU vs CPU makes rendering faster?   
    Reality is, PC's aren't getting faster.  Period.       Processor speed stalled about 10 years ago... Doesn't matter, mac or PC.
    They keep throwing more processors at them, but really, more processors  really only help in special circumstances  (rendering and some video processes)  pretty much everything else is a one processor pony.    more processors can help if you are doing multiple things... but, usually 4  works for most people.
    if your Apps are already mac based, you would probably save a bundle by staying mac.      It is possible to build your own Hackintosh too.
    There are some things you can do to you 2010... put a flash drive in it... that will help a lot.
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    ¢hris £und reacted to setz in Radial Angle Snap   
    It would be useful to have Angle Guides behave more like the old Radial Snap from V6 while drawing Vector lines.  If set to 15º it would then enable every possible 15º, 30º, 45º, 60º, and 90º while drawing without ever having to reset the angle at each change in direction.
    While this would improve snapping and return some of the old functionality, I am still a strong advocate of reintroducing all the old (object and angle) snaps and behaviors which I used continuously and miss greatly.

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    ¢hris £und reacted to DJAB in The thoughts of a Form Z novice...   
    I'm new here so please go easy if you don't like what I have to say!
    Let me begin by saying that I work as an Architect in the UK, but with a general emphasis on the 3D modelling side of things. Atleast, thats my role until Revit is rolled out by which time everyone in the office will be using Revit.
    But my general aim is to eventually move into ArchViz as a freelancer. 
    Currently, in the office we use MicroStation - I specialise in MicroStation 3D - which I love for modelling, but for rendering its appalling.   
    Over the years I have looked at pretty much every single 3D package out there. From Lightwave to Maya, to Max, to Rhino  - blah blah blah, but without ever even hearing of Form Z, and I have tried them all. Whilst I can get my head around them I was never really THAT impressed with any of them. I like to model in a very exact and precise way. I don't need to be bogged down with stuff I won't use, or endless menus and settings.
    I litterally found out about Form Z a few days ago when I was researching how Jones Partners Architects produce their images - which I love. I have spent the evening here playing around with Form Z Free. I'm enormously impressed with it thus far, I can pretty much find everything I want to right from the get go, and I love how accurate it is with the snaps etc. It just feels solid (on iMac). Now, that might change when I start importing DWG files, as is the case with so many other 3D packages, but fingers crossed - I wonder, can anyone here elaborate on what I can expect with DWG imports? 
    The only problem is the rendering, the hidden line diagrams and JPEG export are excellent features for Architects, especially nice is the ambient occlusion. But from what I have seen RenderZone is not something that interests me, for now.  
    Anyway, that aside Im wondering why (from my experiences in the UK,) Form Z has managed to float under the radar for so long, literally no one else has even heard of it - which means it has next to no chance at ever getting established in UK architecture offices like the way SketchUp has - which is a real shame in my eyes. (Im 31 by the way, so I wasn't around the 3D scene in the 90's - unfortunately! 
    I guess Im just wondering why it appears to have a small user base for a long established company? Its criminal that its not used more, especially by Architects. Im going to have a lot of fun with it no doubt, especially with the likes of Maxwell and Thea - And I will push to start using it in the workplace too, but thats going to be an uphill battle. 
    Anyway, after my short time using Form Z I have never felt so at home in a 3D package before after such short time using an application.  
    Huge thumbs up. (for now
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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from nadir in GPU vs CPU makes rendering faster?   
    Dennis, on the "newer" models, If you remove the optical drive/s. You can add two.more HD's to your machine too.
    Too, you can get flash drives that go into your PCI-e slots, for the fastest data transfers. Works great as a boot drive.
    The user accounts can get pushed to one of the mechanicals, if you want to purchase a smaller flash drive. An easy "trick". To pull off.
    Besides the price tag, this one hold up for purchasing a Mac-caN. Hard to fit the 7 HD's in it.
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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from nadir in GPU vs CPU makes rendering faster?   
    BTW,  the latest build of the box design is a
    Mid 2012
    Model Identifier: MacPro5,1  ( in my case a 12 core )
    Personally, I would love a new one as I am off Grid Living now. (well, working hard to get there )  the power savings would be phenomenal!
    Thunderbolt:  I could use it, but I can also get by without it.
    GPU's   mmmh,  even with the limited options of the new machine, the specs If I recall correctly are still higher than the options the tower had, unless you want to flash the hardware.
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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from jsiggia in Stand alone Attributes palette   
    It would be useful after all to have a dedicated object attributes palette.
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    ¢hris £und reacted to setz in Offset toll ≠ Parallel tool   
    +1 on incorporating the old Offset Tool's Options into the Surface Offset Tool.  98% of the time (in V6) I used a 0 In and a 0 Out values in Slab Offset fields, now I am having to go through the extra steps of Reshaping, or re-Extending the top and bottom faces back to where they were before the offset.
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    ¢hris £und reacted to Des in Smoothing objects   
    Here's my first attempt, I think it takes some practice to get good results, mainly playing with the vectors before sub-dividing.
    Ok, I'm done playing now, and I'm a bit lazy. Others can play with it if they want 
    Folded Shirt Test.fmz.zip

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    ¢hris £und got a reaction from jsiggia in Suggestion Forums Question   
    would you prefer us to "like" a post  to add to the count value of the thread, or do a +1  ?