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  1. ¢hris £und

    (Off Topic) Mac Users PowerTool

    Bo, Some of the more buried shortcuts... I believe it can. Though, it could only do it as if it were pretending to be the user. i.e. traveling through the UI as you would. While it would be faster to do so than you doing it each time. It would of course be clumsier that what we recall in the past and what we wish for. That is, until ADS puts in the hooks for doing so through python. Then of course, you could just use python. The one I miss the most is show normals. How I am using it the most is I am building out the Finder to act more as a Digital Asset Manager. To sort and categorize the images on my computer. i.e. surface maps, inspiration images etc... Also, I changed the Print Label on the UPS page from an 8 step process to a 2 step process. They have a Demo and as far as I can tell, it does everything that the full app can do. ¢£
  2. ¢hris £und

    fz 9.2?

    The Penultimate resource. https://www.tonymacx86.com Not sure how things will shake out once they only support ARM processors. But that is a few years away. On the other hand, they could get more and more specific to the near legacy machines at the time. More thank likely however, they will just come out with features that the Intel machines just can't support or not well enough to implement. ¢£
  3. Hey all Mac users, I have just recently come across a new tool that seriously helps with control and functionality of the Mac. Big, Big, Big! Think of it like Apples Shortcuts but on steroids. KeyboardMaestro, It has been out for a while now, but I have not come across it until just the other day. http://keyboardmaestro.com Warning, it is it's own rabbit hole. ¢£
  4. ¢hris £und

    Mirroring Objects

  5. ¢hris £und

    Mirroring Objects

    Bo, I can do it in 3 steps Using the Mirror-A Tool. Draw a rectangle over the plane you wish to mirror the object about, using the auto plane feature and allowing the rectangle to fall off the face. so it is easy to select later. Using the Mirror-A tool, select desired object then click on the rectangle from above to apply. Delete rectangle. This may be easy to do in a script. I would have to explore that to find out. Sadly, I am occupied for a few days. If I get some moments and think about it, I will dig in. Cheers! ¢£
  6. ¢hris £und

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Tech, While of course I applaud the move, I do hope this will not distract from fully implementing Python. It really has a ways to go to be anything more than a curiosity. Cheers! ¢£
  7. ¢hris £und

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Looks like it. My guess is that it won't stay that way. I don't see ADS only having a Mac capable version of FZ.
  8. ¢hris £und

    Please welcome PowerCADD

    Very Interesting!!! I think this could be a great strategy moving forward too. ADS, is this going to be integrated into the Draft/Layout Only? Or will there be at least 2D drawing tools that will be added to the main App? Cool! ¢£
  9. ¢hris £und

    Fz and Maxwell Quick test with IBL

    That is looking good!
  10. I hit that limit about a year ago. I contacted tech directly.
  11. ¢hris £und

    FZ9 Python scripts

    Specifically in the cube script, the function call should be: fz.cube([0.0,0.0,0.0], [5.0,10.0,20.0]) NOT fz.cubes([0.0,0.0,0.0], [5.0,10.0,20.0])
  12. ¢hris £und

    FZ9 Python scripts

    JL, The cube script appears to have a bug in it. I get a report, where you do not. I would have to look into the script to attempt to figure out what is going on. At this time though, fZ does not have a debugger so this is beyond difficult. The cylinder.py script works for me though. (I am on a M1 Mac, however.)
  13. I am unfamiliar with win10. Have you tried python outside of fZ? In older versions of win, you had to modify the "PATH" data so that the os would recognize it. Though, I was under the impression newer versions of windows were going to have it built in. ¢£
  14. Hello Chris

    I'v tried to run some basics scripts on my FZ9 under win 10

    But no scripts works here

    I've contacted Brandon from Autodessys...

    He indicate to install Python on my computer ...

    well done

    But no change here

    Have you an idea why I cannot run any script here  ?

    Thanks you in advance

    Best regards

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    2. jldaureil


      I've created the Path variables... but no result...


    3. ¢hris £und

      ¢hris £und

      So, can you run scripts outside of fZ?

    4. jldaureil




      I've installed :

      1- formzPython (folder inapplication folder and scripts in scripts folder)

      2- Python 3.9 on my machine

      3- Visual studio code (as ide) see my scren shot

      All works fine with this simple print command in .py


      BUT FZ9 scripts doesn't works... 😡




      Capture d’écran 2021-10-01 172311.png

  15. Gwyn, I would have to look at the SDK to see if that is currently possible. The Python SDK is still in the works and currently has some large gaps. One of the gaps is dealing with materials. So, may not be currently possible. ¢£