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  1. Hello Chris

    I'v tried to run some basics scripts on my FZ9 under win 10

    But no scripts works here

    I've contacted Brandon from Autodessys...

    He indicate to install Python on my computer ...

    well done

    But no change here

    Have you an idea why I cannot run any script here  ?

    Thanks you in advance

    Best regards

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    2. jldaureil


      I've created the Path variables... but no result...


    3. ¢hris £und

      ¢hris £und

      So, can you run scripts outside of fZ?

    4. jldaureil




      I've installed :

      1- formzPython (folder inapplication folder and scripts in scripts folder)

      2- Python 3.9 on my machine

      3- Visual studio code (as ide) see my scren shot

      All works fine with this simple print command in .py


      BUT FZ9 scripts doesn't works... 😡




      Capture d’écran 2021-10-01 172311.png