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  1. I was having trouble importing Sketchup models - file would open but nothing would be there or only parts of models would be present once open - anyway, so I downloaded the new update today and am therefore using the newest version. However, when I go to my Extensions Manager everything is still running on 8.0.0 despite the fact that the 8.0.2 version is running. And I'm still having issues importing models...any suggestions?
  2. crbahnsen

    Offset Segment Trouble

    I'm new to form z and I'm having some trouble with the offset segment tool. I'm trying to recreate the desk in the attached image. In my project I've been able to create the edges along the ends, but whenever I try to offset a segment on the curved front the operation will only work along the y-axis. I'm unable to pull a segment down 2" along the z axis. Also, if anyone has any suggestions on how best to recreate the small wooden slats along the desk I would appreciate it. Thank you!