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  1. swaim

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    I'm copying and pasting from a similar discussion from 2016. That's how long I've been asking 🙂 Current 2019 comments are in bold. I'm sure I could add in new "wants" to make it a full top 10 list, but there's no need cluttering up what is important with extra wishes that are not immediate priorities. **1. Reinstate the "relative" option for the extend line tool. I'm fervently trying to migrate completely to V8+ but this feature (among a few others) has me going back to 6.7. (PLEASE!!! This, and "hidden line" are the only two things left that are hamstringing me and forcing me to hold on to V6.7) 2. It would be nice if there were a way to change a material parameter on multiple materials at once. example: You have 39 objects with different materials assigned them. you want all those materials to be chrome, or constant, or wood, right now you have to spend 20 minutes opening each material and adjusting the parameters. 5. Give us a more user friendly sweep tool! (This one is a frustrater! 3 out of 10 times I do a sweep does it actually sweep properly. There has been times I have wasted 45 minutes clicking through all the options in the tool pallet trying to get an object to sweep right and I realize the fix was a 30 second open V6 run the sweep, open the new model in V8+ and paste it. Bring back the user friendly sweep of yesteryear and maybe enhance any of its weaknesses but please make it work 100 percent of the time again) 6. keep v6.7 alive and well for those of us who toggle back and forth. Both the old and the new versions seem to have strengths. If v6.7 ever goes away then you reduce the capabilities that are available.... or make sure all the features from early versions are included in the new. Maybe a new packaging and marketing re-release "Form-Z retro! the tools you loved and relied on as a kid" 🙂 (Thank you for doing this FZ. It really helped. There was a time when FZ 6.7 wouldn't run on later operating systems and it had me backed into a corner. Keep FZ 6.7 and the tools I relied on for production or upgrade my OS so I could run Quick Books and bill clients. It was getting close to me going out and buying budget log note pads to do my books)
  2. swaim

    V-Ray Render Farm

    Does anyone know of or have a user friendly (Because I’m all about user friendly) render farm resource for V-ray for Form-Z? I have a project developing that will take my machine eons to render by it's self.
  3. swaim


    I guess I failed to mention that exploding the components is where things started to go wrong. Once I blew them up is when all chaos began.
  4. swaim


    Components are a life saver a lot of the time and I like some of their capabilities and features they've added... but since v7 those jokers will turn on you like a Siegfried and Roy tiger when you least expect it. The whole component system is a tricky little rascal that needs to be simplified and solidified. Hopefully FZ will address the sweep tool nightmare first though... priorities.
  5. swaim


    Thanks snow. Of course the problems are components. the bane of my V7+ existence. I'll look into the compression setting. it should be what ever the default is. The problem looks to be that my cars are jumping from layer to layer. ie. they are on the cars layer then after the crash they show up on the tree layer and the trees are gone. then they show up on the people layer... but the people are still there. It's sorts of jacked.
  6. swaim


    Have big issues today and calling on all ears since Tech support is closed. I have a HUGE file that keeps freezing which has forced me to force quite numerous times. I'm suspicious that its either too many cars or too many trees that is causing the slow down. But then came the mega issue. After one of the force quits I reopened the file, all the cars which were on a car layer and turned off, were on and on a different layer. then I realized all but 2 layers were all cleared out. No objects remained In the file. Everything but doors and cars were GONE! Not yet panicking because I had multiple back up files from earlier today, yesterday and earlier in the week. The Panic set in when each one of those back up files opened and only the cars and doors were there. no matter when the file was saved or at what stage, only the cars and doors are opening. It was bad enough that the client gave me 4 weeks worth of work to accomplish in 9 days. Now this! ANY ONE EVER HAVE THIS PROBLEM? ANYONE HAVE A SOLUTION?!? ASAP
  7. swaim

    V.9 Wish List.

    1. Extend Line tool in draft mode: (my biggy) Ya'll nixed the "relative" option. leaving only numeric and percentage, as options. Takes a lot more clicks and stifles the ability to be random. (Draft mode is kinda wonky too.. Can't really figure out why it operates like 3d space when it's supposed to be in draft mode (2d space) But... I confess, I have not spent much time trying to figure out draft mode in V8 since I'm long gone and back to V6 by that point. I figure if my dreams come true and the "Relative" extend line feature is brought back, I can just export my hidden lines as dwg's and bring them back in 2d. 2. Stream line tool: (the most perplexing change) Ya'll eliminated the stream line tool which I can't figure out why. A simple trace of a person underlay with a Wacom tablet and the streamline tool, turns in to a laborsom process trying to finagle the curve tools. Sometimes you just need to draw and not waste time! Draw a person with the stream line tool in 2 minutes. Curve tool = give up in 2 minutes and go to V6 3. Materials: I and others (via the forum) would like the capability of being able to change numerous materials to one property at once. For example, you import 50 models from 3d warehouse and you look over and now you have 300 different materials in your materials pallets. Each of those materials have different properties; reflective, matte, plastic, brushed, etc. I’d like to be able to select all or numerous materials as a group and change them all to one property, like constant or catcher. Right now you have to open each individual material dialog to change it’s parameters. Changing 300 materials one at a time is a half a days work. 4. Sweep tool: (the most frustrating) I know ya'll have heard it on this one from many users. If I have a sweep that needs to be done, I'm off to V6 to use the "user friendly" sweep tool. It never fails... every time I say "today is the day I'm going to conquer the V8+ sweep tool" I re-watch the tutorial, then spend 30 minutes trying to get it to sweep like I need it to, and 50% of the time it does and the other 50% I head to the dock and open up V6. Maybe there just needs to be a trouble shooting video done for it, that covers all the scenarios. It has good features, it's just temperamental and frustrating compared to the precision of V6. (Note: I do wish there was a "zoom in" option. in the preview window on V6 sweep tool....) 5. Components: (this is my bonus wish) The switch to components from symbols has been equally as frustrating as the sweep tool... It's hard to grasp. seems like every time I open a project I get a new confusing dialog box asking me something about my component library. Not understanding the tech talk I just click something to make it go away and then find my components aren't working, or they are altered, or the materials are no longer assigned. What does embedded mean? what does this new pop up dialog mean, what is this? what is that? if I click ok what will change? Why are my pink cars stamping down green?.... Where-as I'd like the old stuff added back in to the new software on 1-3.. I think this one just requires a more education... extensive or additional video tutorials on the working gears and what all the dialog boxes mean. Bonus suggestion: The video tutorials are a God send! But…. sometimes they don’t cover everything or the tool’s video link takes you to a 30-45 minute general tutorial intro to Form-Z and doesn’t specifically address the tool.
  8. Thanks guys. I tried the Sky dome, that seemed promising until I realized the light source changed from my original Physical sky lighting. So that was a no go. Then I scratched my head over the channels option and never could figure that out. I rarely use channels in PS. so I didn't know where to start to learn how that worked. but it sounded real promising. BUT THEN..... THEN.... out of a complete click fluke... In the lighting parameters I right clicked on my physical sky light and a drop down menu popped up... and there it was, the option to turn shadows on or off. So I think I may be in business.
  9. Here's what I need. the light reflections of global illumination but no cast shadows. Thanks for your help.
  10. This is a subject we have touched on briefly last spring but now it's a little more important. I need Maxwell to render with full global illumination with out the shadows. RenderZone does this absolutely beautifully, however, with the size of the project and number of objects in my scene, I can not wait for 4 days for RZ to render the scene. I need to use Maxwell so I can send it on to a Farm to render in an hour or so. Last spring Pylon gave me this option....."In Maxwell, disabling shadows is per-object, not per-light or per-scene. With the Pick tool, select an object which you do not want to cast shadows. In Pick Tool Options, Attributes Tab, select Maxwell Attributes... from the pulldown menu. In the resulting dialog, select Hide From > Global Illumination. If you want to apply the same Maxwell Attributes to multiple objects, you can set them up on one object, and then use formZ's Copy Attributes tool to propagate to other objects." This did the trick on turning off the shadows, but unfortunately eliminated all the great bounced lighting and the scene renders in flat shades similar to how RZ would render with out Final gathering and Ambiant Occlusion. In short: How do I get Maxwell to render with global illumination with out shadow casting?
  11. swaim

    Unwanted material reflections

    Use the Translate Shaded matte hint, (done) and then in the Shaded representation, turn the speculariy parameter down to zero. (not sure where to find this)
  12. swaim

    Unwanted material reflections

    Thanks. That was my main problem. I was maxwell rendering the renderzone materials. I switched to the maxwell matte finish and it reduced the reflection but it still maintains a reflective glow. Which is my best option to get a true matte finish with out any appearance of a gloss surface?
  13. I'm assuming this is a parameter I have set up wrong either in my lights or maxwell render. My problem is, my objects material is set to Matte, which should not have any reflection, and it doesn't if I rendered it in renderzone. However when I do a maxwell render, the surface renders as a reflective, like a gloss or glass. What do I have set up wrong that is causing this?
  14. swaim

    Maxwell, system requirements

    hmmm. so the "select view in fire" solved the crop off the top issue but still distorts the image and does not match the fz 2 point perspective view Hidden line. Also limits the user's view options pretty significantly. This is disappointing! I had high hopes. Yes the 3 point perspective matches, but again, unfortunately it limits the user's view capabilities to real worldish views when artistic flexibility and artistic license is needed for a better compositions. So I'm to gather that there is absolutely no way to match a fz renderzone 2 point perspective with a maxwell guesstimated 2 point perspective?
  15. swaim

    Maxwell, system requirements

    So Maxwell frowns upon 2 point perspective? If I reset up to 3 point, Maxwell will be happy and match perfectly? I'm going to give that a test run and also your suggestion of picking the view Via the fire window. Neither are ideal solutions but work arounds are good alternatives!