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  1. Studio-Swaim

    3d Warehouse alternative?

    ALL of this is great info guys! I'll pick through each of them and pull out the model sites I haven't heard of before. The one time I bit the bullet and bought from Turbo Squid.... had the exact same disaster I run into with a lot of the warehouse models. However... that time 3d warehouse saved me. found the exact year make and model car on there for free. I'll keep my eyes on this as more post go up! Good stuff. Thanks
  2. Studio-Swaim

    FormZ 9 wish list...

    1. Reinstate the "relative" option for the extend line tool. I'm fervently trying to migrate completely to V8+ but this feature (among a few others) has me going back to 6.7. 2. It would be nice if there were a way to change a material parameter on multiple materials at once. example: You have 39 objects with different materials assigned them. you want all those materials to be chrome, or constant, or wood, right now you have to spend 20 minutes opening each material and adjusting the parameters. 3. Revert the draft and modeling sides back to the way earlier versions worked. example: A hidden line in model mode can be pasted into the draft mode and all the layers crossed over with it, allowing you to turn layers on and off. 4. Not a biggy... but still kinda inconvenient. Having to use the + icon to add a layer rather than just clicking on the line below an existing layer to add a new layer. 5. Give us a more user friendly sweep tool! 6. keep v6.7 alive and well for those of us who toggle back and forth. Both the old and the new versions seem to have strengths. If v6.7 ever goes away then you reduce the capabilities that are available.... or make sure all the features from early versions are included in the new. Maybe a new packaging and marketing re-release "Form-Z retro! the tools you loved and relied on as a kid" :-) keep up the good work.
  3. Studio-Swaim

    Importing outside models

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? Where do I find info about importing outside models. I've purchased a car from turbosquid and of the 8 formats offered, it appears the only 3 formats that FZ recognizes are 3DS, OBJ and LWO. I've imported each of these formats and each one imports differently. Mainly the texture maps. I've ticked the import texture maps box when importing, then went and selected each texture map as FZ asks and it still imports as a train wreck. Where do I go to find the proper way to do this because I'm obviously overlooking something. Thanks
  4. Studio-Swaim

    Importing outside models

    on their way.
  5. Studio-Swaim

    Importing outside models

    which format is the best? lwo, 3ds or obj?
  6. Studio-Swaim

    Displace tool in new FZ

  7. Studio-Swaim

    Displace tool in new FZ

    Having a hard time locating the displace tool (mesh) in the newer versions. Search turns up nothing. Can anyone guide me to it's location?
  8. Studio-Swaim

    Displace tool in new FZ

    Thanks! so the space bar find tool option... It only finds the tools in the work space your in?
  9. Studio-Swaim

    Displace tool in new FZ

    MY APOLOGIES!!! The displace tool was the tool I could find in V7, I meant to say the disturb mesh tool. sorry. where can I find the disturb mesh tool in V7 and beyond.