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  1. If I tear away the palette and bring it back into the dock it will resize small/default size. I will see how long it last before growing again! thank you.
  2. Why does my Workspace palette expand tall after a certain period? Kind of weird...... and plus, I cannot drag and minimize the palette. I hate to restore my workspace to a default state and get it to minimize the height again. Not sure of the reasoning that causes that. How can I do something differently? thanks!
  3. Here are a couple of screenshots to reference why not all points are being selected in a wireframe elevation view. I will email/forward my model to Support.
  4. For example, if I am viewing a side elevation of a rectangle block and I select the top points of the block to move and shorten the block height, in some instances, a point or points that are furthest from my viewpoint (and hidden by the points in front in an axonometric view) will not be selected and will not move with the selected points. I have never seen this before and it started in version 8. Do I have an unchecked preference somewhere? Do I have a graphics card issue? Also attached is a snapshot of what happens sometimes in my views palette, layers palette, etc....the dotted triangle that you grab to open change the viewing size of the palette will disappear and makes using the palette area cumbersome. It will correct itself if I restart formZ or reset the workspace. I have seen this issue for well over a year. Third issue I see is..... if I am using the roller wheel on the mouse to zoom in or out, sometimes the selected 3d model will totally disappear if I zoom in for a closer look. This is a problem I have seen for 3-4 months now.These 3 issues kinda seem to be related....not sure what to explore. All graphic drivers are up to date. I thought about replacing both my graphic card main Nvidia GTX760 and second card Quadro K2200....might seem one is going bad or they are conflicting with each other. I added the K2200 in early summer to see if I could improve(and have a friendlier FormZ graphics card), the small annoying issues that made me wonder if my GTX760 graphic card driver was up to date that day. I have a ASUS g10 PC. Sorry for all the issues in one post....I'm perplexed by the points not being selected.....other 2 issues are just presented to see if all 3 lead to a better diagnosis.
  5. Can anyone tell me why I no longer can import sketchup models into FormZ 8? I was able to import this morning as normal...... but as I was working this afternoon, I tried to import, but now I can't see the files as available and when I force the import, I get nothing in my new file. Did I corrupt something?
  6. Du_man

    Tightening up the Palette Dock

    I went back and erased/uninstalled all related FormZ folders and applications......I reinstalled FormZ in safe mode to ensure a cleaner install. I rebuilt my preferences and workspaces. So far, better with the new install. Attached is an image of how the palettes will act sometime.....like a refresh problem. Less frequent though..... Thanks, Support!
  7. Du_man

    Tightening up the Palette Dock

    I have a great PC and great graphics card. I always try to keep the drivers updated. I have had several issues with FormZ 8 that lead to questioning the driver updates and graphics card in general. Not sure how to determine a bad card on a <1yr old computer.....but it looks like I need to explore this path! thanks for the help!
  8. I enjoy FormZ 8.....but it seems like I am always adjusting the heights of the various palettes within the palette dock as I work. Usually at some point (every week or so), I have to reset my workspace as minimized palettes will not open or give me allowance to stretch the height. I am particularly curious as to why my Workspace palette in the palette dock turns into this tall palette when it needs only one row for icons. Screen shot attached.....you can see there is no way to adjust the height....even deleting and opening again will not correct itself until I reset the workspace. Not sure what I am doing to get this over abundance of real estate. Is there a feature that will tighten up the palettes to maybe one row of "blank-ness". If not, I would love to see that in an update!