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  1. rickbern

    Exporting from formZ to Rhino

    Had trouble with Rhino recognizing step files. Sorry for the misdirection, I'll look again today.
  2. Thought I'd post this since I went through a bunch of permutations and we have a brand new forum... To export from formZ 7.x to Rhino 5.x with holes in solids, I found iges with the trimmed surfaces options to give me the cleanest import into rhino. I choose the export by layer option, which gives me a separate file to import for each layer. Hope I save someone out there a little time in the future! Rick
  3. rickbern


    Yep, thanks. Just me being dumb. Sorry 'bout that.
  4. Ben, No, not in the material pallette, in the graphic window of formZ, it would be helpful to preview what the material ID rendering would look like. It's not that big a deal, I picked up an old pre-maxwell project and it would have made things easier for that one specific project. Really not a big deal. Rick
  5. rickbern


    Also, can't quite find archived webinars, which are really useful.
  6. rickbern


    zWeb (yes, dredging up the old name!) Website looks great! I clicked the tutorials link on the home page and was directed here: http://www.formz.com/support/downloads/tutorials.html That seems to be a bunch of old, outdated stuff; might be better to link to the video tutorials. Rick
  7. Ben, To kick off the new forum, I thought I'd ask something mostly insignificant! It would be nice if we could display colors by maxwell material ID in the formZ window. Be easier to see what's not assigned. Not sure if the API supports this, but thought I'd ask. Rick