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  1. Win Weesakul

    C-Curve Reconstruction

    Hello I like to reconstruct many of curves in one time execution with 'Curve Reconstruct tool'. for example pre-pick 20 curves and specifiy their degree and number of controls then execute reconstruction. Many time, i prepare lot of curves from vector drawing package that already trim , so that later i can import and make 3d surface from those curves efficiently. Best regards, Win Weesakul
  2. Win Weesakul

    import file format disappear from menu

    Hello Ztech Thanks for your reply. my plugins folder is fine. I reset the preference and FormZ coming back as usual. then I upgrade the application only, the 160 mb version. So i got v8.6.03 (build 10053) along side with the previous one v8.6.0 (build 9981). the app come up fine, Thank you very much (: Best regards, Win Weesakul
  3. Hello I need to import illustrator file as i did from time to time in FormZ. however, today the import file format are dissappear from import menu. only IGES format remain. Wondering if this cause by Auto-update of Window10. a month ago still working fine though. I have FormZ Pro 8.6 (build 9981), Any suggestion please. Best regards, Win Weesakul
  4. Win Weesakul

    Facet Scheme

    Hello, Yes , Thanks for your reply. Smooth type is good for not complex objects. The Facet type make all face triangle That's all right anyway. Best regards, Win Weesakul Graphic designer
  5. Win Weesakul

    Facet Scheme

    Hello, I have question about additional facets happen after use deformation tools. I already prepared polygon mesh with well topology i want for after deformation, Is this possible? I don't want addition facets. I'd usually avoid triangles too. They are trouble while creating UV space in other application for detailing texture map though. Copying UV is not possible if the original ( before and after deformed ) have different number of vertices or faces, But will do fine if having same number of vertices id. What is the suitable Faceting Schemes I should be using. Can someone enlight me please. Thanks so much. Best regards, Win Weesakul Graphic Designer
  6. Win Weesakul

    Convert smooth path to curve segment (Plain facetted)

    I found those control already
  7. Hello I wonder if I could convert smooth curve to curve segment (Plain facetted) while be able to control number of vertices or segments. I import Paths from Ai and try to minimize number of vertices in order to use paths with operation like imprint curve , Trim & Spit with curve , Project curve and etc. May be something just like Display Resolution Scheme that come with some primitive objects. Best regards Win Weeakul
  8. Hello I have many objects with different material join together. Because I like to bend these objects together in one go. Grouping objects together wont work with "Bend along path". Join into single object will do. They bend the way I like them to , but material seem to be reset into single one. Is there a way for keeping material as before the operation? Any help would be greatly appreciate. Win Weesakul
  9. Win Weesakul

    group objects and join objects

    Hello Okay, Unlock Groups and Edit Group working great. I've never noticed these tools before. Best Regards Win Weesakul
  10. Hello While objects are grouping together , I wanna be able to select vertacies, edges and faces and then move them around with move , rotate , scale and transform tools Also I like all plain objects to be able to join together between surface object , surface solid object and solid object. Best Refgards, Win Weeaskul
  11. Win Weesakul

    Disable ALT key

    Hello Thanks for your reply. All right in preference dialog "Disable Tab key" let One copy transform spring back to self transform after i release Alt key. That's help me. To tell the truth I have custom shot key for Alt+middle mouse click for orbit the perspective view and Alt+Right mouse click for Move perspective view closer or further away, Just like other 3d app . About Perpendicular, I might used to the old version of FormZ that have small button toggle for perpendicular action. That's help me a lot. Best regards Win Weeakul
  12. Win Weesakul

    Disable ALT key

    Hello I have trouble using Alt key. It's conflict with other key shotcut I made. is this possible? Alt key just kept switch between self transform and one copy with transform. One more question, the perpendicular transform direction. are there any indicator botton that we are in perpendicular direction. I try to move the control point ( the yellow dot ) to desire direction with move tool. Pleaase help Best regards Win Weesakul
  13. Win Weesakul

    The Ctrl and Alt Key

    Hello I wonder that i could alter the "Ctrl" and "Alt" shot key for other commands in FormZ 8.5. It's seem like The "Ctr" is reserve for object's movement in perpendicular direction only. The "Alt" also reserve for One Copy function. I like to alter this key shot cut, Is it possible? Because I preferusing Ctrl and Alt for View navigation Also it would be great if there is some sign indicate for Perpendicular direction is on or off. Best regards, Win Weesakul
  14. Win Weesakul

    Export .zws Formz7

    Hello I just finished install Formz8.5. Now that I'd like to use some setting I made with Formz7. I could import the keyboard shot keys from Formz7. But I could not see where is export Workspace option and could not find where is the zws file. Already did some forum search. I saw that they kept in Library folder, that must be the v8.5 on the osx . I'm on Winx64 Is it possible to use Previous Formz Workspace for The v8.5? Best regards, Win Weesakul
  15. Hello It's seem like the Make One/Two sides tool has been changed or removed. I'm on v7 now and couldn't find it in manual though. So wondering if there is any other tool similar to this tool. Thanks so much. Best regards Win Weesakul