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  1. I studied it! But all the same it is impossible. It can be necessary in settings, to include something? I want "to open/close" a door, and it turns not in those planes. I can't explain so that it was clear to you and in English I communicate, through the translator. ((

  2. I haven't done an animation in some time, but it's fairly straightforward.

    Will you be animating the camera or objects?

    Either way if you are using v8.5 or newer, you need to switch workspace to Rendering/Animation so all your animation tools are at hand.


    If you right click on the Keyframe tool, it will bring up the manual on the animation tools where you will find an extensive description of how to use the animation tools.

    The keyframe tool is mostly used to move an object over a timeline which can be edited directly in the Animation Editor pallette.


    Try animating a simple object first, say a cube, to move from A to B.

    I think you need to be more specific in your queries after you have experimented. Then we can help you better to do certain functions.



    Thank you that answered! I can't understand on points how to do animation. I do everything, but it is impossible to me.

  3. Hi Roofer,


    Welcome to the forum!


    When you execute operations between multiple objects, by default the original objects will be Ghosted when the new object is created.  As PaLarsen notes, you can just use the Display Options to Hide these.  These objects can be very useful in the future, so if you ever want the original objects back, you can Show Ghosted and use the Unghost tool to restore them.  You can also change this default behavior, or Clear the Ghosted objects via the commands from the Edit Menu if you want.


    Does this help?

    Another Question!How to create documentation?For example,I design a frame house,and need to describe each item on a separate sheet.Can it be done?