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    The Q reacted to Andrew West in How do I create a Clear plastic Shrink wrap around 2 bottles?   
    Take one of your containers and use the Thicken Tool set to Out and a distance of 1/8".  Select the new object.  Slice off the side facing the other container and the top and bottom. Mirror it.   Now use the extend face tool to join the two halves of the shrink wrap.  Apply an appropriate dirt map to the bump channel to make the plastic look more realistic.  Does this get you close?
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    The Q got a reaction from Brantheat in Area pick tool not working   
    Running Mac OS 10.13.4 on an 2015 imac  with formZ Pro 8.6.2 and my area pick tool is not working.
    I upgraded to the newest formZ update, and still having this problem.
    Anyone else having a problem; it does not seem to be file specific.
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    The Q reacted to Martin Malinski in Poser8 to formZ   
    Daz3d is a very good option (for free)
    It exports very good clean .obj models (never had any problems with textures).... you can also get the decimator plug-in (mesh reduction) for about $50 (its currently on offer)
    I have used Daz3d for distant bike riders and car drivers....works fine.
    Check out their site or just google search for decimator......(there is also a poser version)
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    The Q reacted to Andrew West in Texture mapping askew   
    Without seeing the model or knowing how it was created and mapped it is hard to comment.  However, I have found that OBJ imports tend to hold onto the UVW mapping better than 3DS.  (Except when they don't.)   I would assume that the figures are UVW mapped so my first order of business would be to download a program that reads and creates these types of maps and then play with the different export import options.  Keep in mind that scaling or modifying the model in Form.z will usually destroy the original mapping.
    Post a model and lets see what the forum can do with it.
    For what its worth I have long wished that someone would write a script to allow UVW mapping from within the program.  Not a high priority of mine but I know that many people would love it.  For now I still go back to Max and Z-Brush for mapping UVW into Form.z.
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    The Q reacted to Andrew West in Alpha Channel Scene   
    Vray Settings- Settings- Environment- Background-Color- use project color.  Make sure you check the Render Elements box to get all the channels you want.  It will add anything from Alpha to Reflections and Depth.  I separate out my channels for later composite.
    A thing of note here:  The program gets its ambient light from the sky settings and if you have none since you are doing an alpha background you will have no ambient.  If you want to add ambient check the Environment Overides setting and click on GI (skylight).  Make it a sky and make the multiplier 3.  It will not show up in your render but the light will. 
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    The Q reacted to Tech in Alpha Channel Scene   
    This can be done with V-Ray for formZ. The way to do this is to enable the Matte object attribute, change the affect Alpha setting to -1, enable shadows, and enable the Affect Alpha option. We have discovered that there is a problem in the interface that causes the "’shadows” option to not always applied when it is selected. We have fixed this. We will be releasing an updated plugin in the next few days that includes a fix fo this issue.

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    The Q got a reaction from RobertoUnok in Animation on path   
    Trying to animate this (grouped) van on a path and when I do the van components fall apart.
    Appreciate your help on this.